June 4, 2020

Savoy House 26-9536-FD-196 Alsace Fan Review

by WilliamTurner

Savoy House 26-9536-FD-196Savoy House has been in the business of producing ceiling fans, radiant lighting, outdoor lights, and energy star fans for over 35 years. One of their popular product is the Alsace 26-Inch ceiling fan. This fan is a collection of sophisticated chandeliers influenced by the wine barrels that are commonly used in the French vineyards. This fan has a reclaimed wood finish and riveted iron details that give it an imposing outlook and a boldness in scale.

It is an ideal complement to many home room décors. Some of its key features include a 37-watt motor, power limiter, blade pitch of 13.50 degrees, RMT007, manual reverse switch, chestnut blade finish, white edged glass and fan blades. The bulb voltage for this unit is 120 volts. The assembled length, width, and diameter for this fan are 26 inches while its height is 16.25 inches. It is the kind of the ceiling fan that can keep you warm during the winter, cool during summer, and saves you money.


This Savoy House Alsace fan has a rustic design made from reclaimed wood finish to enable it to fit in any outdoor or indoor environment. The centre hub of this fan has been made from white etched glass and enclosed in a strong metal hub. The three broad blades feature a Chestnut finish to give them a beautiful rustic appeal. The fan has been equipped with the modern accessories that are ideal for use in the indoor and covered outdoor environments like a porch.

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This fan comes with one integrated light which uses bulbs of Mini-Can H-type. The voltage of this bulb is 120 volts while the maximum wattage is 75 watts. The integration of a light bulb into a ceiling fan is more like killing two birds using one stone. It eliminates the need to have separate fixtures for the light and the ceiling fan. It also saves you the costs of buying an extra kit for lighting purposes. The electrical usage for this fan is 37 watts which are quite efficient in terms of energy consumption.

Top-Notch Efficiency

The fan uses three blades whose pitch is 13.5 degrees and whose span is 26-inches. These blades are extremely efficient because of their balance and their capabilities to minimize noise. They also increase the efficiency of your fan by distributing the air supply properly in your home. At high speeds, the airflow for this fan is 2374 cu-ft per minute while the efficiency is 64 cu-ft per minute for every watt. The size of its powerful motor is 120 by 20 mm and it helps in powering up the fan. The motor type is standard AC whose voltage is 120 volts and it has the ability to give you three variable speeds.

Additional Features

The other feature to look out for is the 3-speed control setting. This control can be placed at the eye-level or at a lower location to enable you to adjust the speed of the fan. The revolutions per minute will range from 286 to 473 rpm. A handheld remote (RMT005) is included to enable you to adjust the settings in the comfort of your place. There is a dial that enables you to choose one of the four settings, one for turning it off and the other three for the variable speed settings.

Several factors determine the amount of airflow given by the ceiling fan. One such factor is the blade pitch. The blade pitch for this Alsace fan is 13.5 degrees. This is the ideal pitch for minimizing wind resistance while moving much air at the same time. There is a lifetime warranty on the motor once you purchase this product. All other parts enjoy a one-year warranty cover. A 6-inch down rod is also included to enable you to install thfan more easily.


The Alsace fan from Savoy House is one of the high-quality ceiling fans on the market. It runs smoothly and quietly for long hours without overheating the motor. When you buy this unit, wobbling and anynoise will no longer worry you, thanks to the quality constructed motor. The device is quite durable and will serve you for many years.

The fan is ideal for cooling purposes and provides one of the strongest breezes in its category with its wind speed factor standing at about 4.28 mph. This fan will, therefore, provide you quality, durable, and smooth, quiet operation capabilities. The electrical usage for this fan is just 37 watts making it a very efficient in terms of energy consumption and cost saving. With an average of 75 watts, most units use more than twice the electricity used by this fan.

Wind Speed Factor

The Alsace fan uses fewer watts but yet produces higher wind speed than most other competing units. The wind speed factor plays a key role in the overall efficiency of a ceiling fan. When properly used, a ceiling fan can save a lot of money in utility bills. The creation of a wind-chill effect results in a so-called cooling effect of the fan.

Therefore, the higher the speed generated by the fan, the cooler airflow it provides. The colder environment created by the fan enables you to raise the AC thermostat by some degrees to conserve energy. A 10-degree rise, for instance, results in energy savings of up to 40 percent. Despite its low wattage, this fan produces wind speed of 4.28 mph which is 1.28 units higher than the average rating for most units which makes it more efficient and energy saving unit.

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Despite the rising number of rustic fans on the market, Savoy House fans stand out. This fan has a unique design and a reclaimed wood finish that is able to fit into any indoor or rustic outdoor environment. It comes with a lighting kit that has been integrated with the fan. It has three blades and settings for variable speed control. There is also a remote control to enable you to operate the fun more conveniently.

A 6-Inch down rod is included in the package to enable you to install the blades about 13 inches from the ceiling. The fan has been UL listed to be used in indoor environments. You should, therefore, not use in areas where the fan can be exposed to harsh elements and moisture.

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