June 4, 2020

Panasonic FV-30VQ3 Whisper 290 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan Review

by WilliamTurner

The Panasonic Whisper 290 CFM bathroom fan is a large fan that is great for large or very steamy bathrooms. It does a great job eliminating steam and condensation issues, which also helps eliminate mold and fungus problems.

The fan motor is entirely enclosed, which dampens the sound. This leads to the fan being significantly quieter than many other models, although this 290 CFM model does create a bit more noise than the smaller, more standard versions of the Panasonic Whisper, such as the Panasonic Whisper 80 CFM and the Panasonic Whisper 150 CFM.

If you are looking for an efficient ceiling vent fan that will completely clear up your moisture problem without sounding like a jet is taking off in the bathroom, the Panasonic is a great, heavy-duty option. It has the sound-level of a smaller fan and the venting power of a larger one.

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The Panasonic Whisper 290 CFM vent fan works especially well for big bathrooms or bathrooms that always seem to be dripping with moisture after a hot shower. As its specifications state, it is larger than the average bathroom ceiling fan and has the power to move a large amount of air (290 cubic feet per minute) in a short amount of time.

● Dimensions: 15 in x 15 in x 10.2 in
● Airflow: 290 CFM
● Weight: 17.45 lbs.
● Material: Heavy-gauge zinc galvanized steel
● Color: White

Pros and Cons


● Powerful air-flow
● Efficient moisture-removal
● Moderately quiet
● Durable, well-constructed design
● UL certified safe for shower/tub enclosures


● May be excessive for tinier bathrooms
● Size and weight can complicate installation
● Does not have a light


This bathroom ceiling fan, like other Panasonic Whisper products, has a double-bladed blower wheel, and the condenser motor is entirely enclosed. Although this powerful fan may be slightly louder than smaller Panasonic Whisper fans, these features do successfully muffle the fan noise to a not-unpleasant whooshing sound.

Much more powerful than most standard bathroom fans, it is still much quieter than many smaller fans on the market.

Made of heavy-duty galvanized steel, this fan resists rust and the bends and dents that some ceiling fans seem to manage to accumulate. It is a well-designed product that lives up to and even exceeds its advertised strength and efficiency.

The Panasonic can be safely installed in tub/shower enclosures for maximum moisture control. One of its few drawbacks is the fact that it does not have a built-in light, so it cannot double for an above-shower/tub light fixture.

Another drawback for users who are planning to install this fan themselves, is that it may take a little extra work. This fan demands a larger opening than many standard models. Because of its considerable weight, you should also be sure to fasten it securely to your bathroom ceiling joists. Though this can lead to a few extra hours of work, it is not a complicated process.

Price and Warranty

Especially considering the power and quality you are purchasing, this fan is very affordably priced, beating out many less-efficient, lower-quality bathroom fans you will find in your local stores.

All of the fan’s parts are warrantied for 3 years, and the motor alone boasts a 6-year warranty from the day you buy it. This is designed to be a good, long-lasting fan, and the manufacturers stand behind it.

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The best thing about this fan is that it does exactly what most people want a bathroom fan to do. It clears up moisture better than almost every other vent ceiling fan on the market. You can enjoy a long, hot shower and emerge to dry walls, mirrors, and tile rather than dripping condensation.

In addition to short-term convenience, this effective reduction of moisture has many long-term benefits, including less damage to drywall, paint and wallpaper, and the elimination of bathroom mold and mildew problems.

As it vents air out at a significant rate of 290 cubic feet per minute, this ceiling fan is also effective for removing unwanted odors and producing a pleasant amount of white cover sound for privacy.

In conclusion, the Panasonic Whisper 290 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan is a high-quality product worth a much larger investment than you’ll find yourself putting into it. This fan’s design is well-done, and its construction materials are durable.

This powerful vent fan will satisfactorily clear even large or extremely wet bathrooms of moisture, increasing the longevity of the room and reducing all of the negative side-effects of too much steam and condensation. And even while it’s working so hard for you, it won’t be rattling the bathroom with its noise.


The Panasonic Whisper 290 CFM is a solid, quiet, inexpensive, and effective bathroom ceiling fan; one that you won’t regret purchasing. It sets the standard for fans of its size while beating many smaller, cheaper fans by a wide margin in both effectiveness and silence.

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