June 4, 2020

Minka Aire F844-DK 52-Inch Ceiling Fan Review

by WilliamTurner

Minka-Aire F844-DK Light Wave 52in Ceiling Fan with LED Light and Remote, Distressed KoaA ceiling fan was invented over 100 years ago and there have been limited changes to its composition over the years. One thing that has continued being perfected is its design with the modern ceiling fan being more sleeker, effective, quieter, and easier to install. One such example of a modern ceiling fan is the Minka Aire F844-DK 52-Inch fan.

This is a modern looking mid-range fan that has been made from distressed Koa wood. This fan has a nice look that will fit into any home decor and adds some modern touch to your living space. It has three blades that enable it to move a large amount of air. There is an included remote control to enable you to regulate the speed and achieve the desired cooling levels. The Minka Aire fan is a great tool that has a rustic woodsy decor for cooling large rooms.


The F844-DK LightWave fan from Minka Aire is a great choice for any modern home because of the several features it includes.For example, there are three 48-inch blades, dimmable light fixture, remote control, distressed wood design, motor, manual switch, and a lifetime warranty. The first thing most people love about this unit is its sleek modern appearance. Its contemporary design and silver brushed steel finish looks great in any modern home. The surface also includes the chrome finishes to enable it to complement well with industrial motifs.

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Its three 48-Inch blades have the capacity to move 6580 cu-ft of air efficiently which improves the air circulation within the rooms. Moreover, the three-blade design helps it to stay balanced, power efficient, and quiet. This fan produces up to 5024 CFM which is quite good for a ceiling fan in its category. There is then the 17-Watt LED light fixture with a dimmer located right at the center of the unit. This LED light maximizes efficiency and adds value to the fixture. The 17 watts are sufficient to light most rooms and offer you a more efficient lighting option. With this fan, the issue of replacing bulbs will be eliminated for most rooms in your home.

There is then the wall unit that comes with this fan to enable you to control its settings more easily. The unit allows you to easily turn the fan on/off and adjust its speed settings. A remote control feature has also been included to enhance the experience of using this fan. The remote helps you to turn it on or off and gives you the freedom to choose between the light and the fan. You can, therefore, turn off the light and leave the fan running or vice versa. The remote can also be used to easily adjust the speed settings as well as the brightness levels. This allows you to customize the fan to suit the varying temperatures throughout the day.

A powerful motor has been included in this unit and the motor can move 6,580 cu-ft of air per minute for cooling large rooms. It has a lifetime warranty and is integrated with dimmable LED lights to improve its efficiency. There is a manual switch on the motor to help you reverse the movement of the fan during the winter season. This reverse-mode makes the fan circulate warm heat around the room.This enables you to enjoy a warmer home during winter and a cooler home during the summer. The fan doesn’t include a down rod for mounting purposes. You will, therefore, have to get one that matches the aesthetics of the fan.


Acquiring this fan for your home will enable you to add some charm while its sleek design will perfectly fit within your modern interiors. The good thing is that the fan can be set up within minutes. The process is quite easy and doesn’t require you to have advanced plumping skills.

There is then the benefit of saving energy costs. The light kit for this fan uses one bulb,and this saves you the money required to buy multiple bulbs to light a room. The light offered by this kit is quite bright and is sufficient enough to light a small and medium-sized room. Depending on the size of your room, this may be all you require to meet your lighting needs.

There is then the issue of low noise levels associated with this ceiling fan. The motor is powerful and efficient enough but very quiet. You may hear some quiet hum during operation,but it’s not enough to even disturb your thoughts. If you use the lower settings to run the fan, the motor produces little or no noise at all. The higher settings may be slightly audible but not as high as some other units within its range.

Energy Consumption

The fan is quite efficient when it comes to energy consumption. It uses 65.3 watts of power to run both the light and the fan. This saves you money and energy while offering you a great long-term investment for your home. The light settings allow you to dim the light if the 17 watts are too much. On top of that, this fan is Energy Star certified which means that this unit is more energy efficient than 60 percent of the ceiling fans on the market. It has multiple speed options that enable you to customize the room temperatures and the energy consumption for your room. The amount of air moved per watt is 99 cu-ft per minute which is more than enough enough to cool your home. The use of LED lights makes energy consumption even more efficient.

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The Minka-Aire Light Wave fan is a good choice for adding charm and beauty to your living spaces. It provides you with a fan and a light fixture to give your home a highly functional and contemporary look. Its low price makes it a worthy product to purchase. Purchasing this fan gives you an opportunity to enjoy excellent performance features, great quality, and modern aesthetics associated with this package. The inclusion of a manual-switch to reverse the flow of air gives it a competitive advantage over its competitors. There is also an included remote to give you the flexibility of controlling speed and other settings.

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