Updated: November 30, 2018
by WilliamTurner

In the ‘guide’ section of my site you will see articles written by experienced ceiling fan users and reviewers providing a huge amount of information on fans of different types. You will be able to learn from my guides, which don’t simply tell you which product to buy, but evaluate a lot of different options for specific needs.

Though there is information on what is the ‘best ceiling fan’, there are more specific guides on the site too, as I look at the best models for your own unique space, whether you need a ceiling fan for a patio or a fan which has lights attached.

You may initially be a little overwhelmed by the huge amount of choices and variation in features, and my guides are in place to assist you navigating the confusion and making the correct choice.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans for Patios - Guides

Outdoor Ceiling Fans for Patios: Complete Guide

If you’re interested in transforming your outdoor area into a beautiful living space, then you should consider investing in a ceiling fan for your patio, sunroom or porch. Outdoor ceiling fans are getting extremely popular as outdoor decors, and with today’s technology, they are also becoming very efficient and effective airflow solutions. Now is your chance to experience cool wind-effect outside with a ceiling fan that is specially designed for outdoor use. These ceiling fans are rated to withstand even the most challenging weather elements. Moreover, the blades and the motor are built from durable materials that go through intensive testing before being rated for outdoor use.

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Ceiling Fans for KidsCeiling Fans for Kids Reviews

There are so many different designs and styles to choose from if you are interested in investing in a ceiling fan for your kid’s room. These type of ceiling fans include a variety of different colors to compliment any playroom. With all kinds of variations to choose from, the most important factor is to invest in a unit that fits the expressive style of the room.  Have in mind that ceiling fans for kids room feature the same functions and highlights as a standard ceiling fan. For example, they can come with light source, a remote and a reverse-switch. Just make sure that you invest in a ceiling fan that meets your requirements and comes with a lengthy manufacture warranty.

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Best Ceiling Fan with RemoteBest Ceiling Fan with Remote

Investing in a ceiling fan that includes a wall-remote or a handheld remote is a great option for those who are looking for a convenient way to adjust the illumination and speed from the palm of their hand. However, if your ceiling fan does not include a remote, but it is marked as remote compatible, you need to make sure that the ceiling fan supports the handheld remote. There are many great benefits of controlling a ceiling fan with a portable remote, and this is a luxurious convenience that many homeowners prefer because you are in charge of every operation without having to stand up and adjust the settings with the pull-chains.

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Best Flush Mount Ceiling FanBest Flush Mount Ceiling Fan Reviews

Many homeowners out there prefer low-profile ceiling fans that they can mount to the ceiling without the use of a downrod. It does not matter if you use a downrod or not, the ceiling fan will deliver the same air circulation with the same efficiency, and the best part is, that flush mount ceiling fans are an excellent choice anywhere in your house. However, if you have angled or sloped ceiling, you should never mount a ceiling fan without a downrod. Otherwise, you will experience some serious problems. Before you purchase a flush mount ceiling fan, measure the room and make sure you install it on a flat ceiling.

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Best Ceiling Fans with LightsBest Ceiling Fans with Lights

Now is your chance to add some style to your ceiling fan and upgrade your room’s decor by investing in a ceiling fan with lights. It can be hard to pick the best unit to match the decoration in your home, but once you pick your fan, you will greatly appreciate the added luxury. With a ceiling fan that comes with a light source, you can create an elegant style in the room and replace your primary illumination in the room. You can even light compatible ceiling fans which mean that you can add light fixture later on. There are many benefits to enjoy from a ceiling fan with light. For example, you can adjust the illumination through a remote or the pull-chain function.

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Final Words

My ceiling fan guides are compiled after thorough research and I aim to do my best to show the ropes to even a beginner. The guides themselves compare the very best options in each of the different categories within the ceiling fan market, with different types of mounts, specific locations and design types, as well as functions all considered.

The guides are designed to give different options in different categories designed to allow you to narrow it down to a shortlist, but I also have a lot of individual product reviews in the ‘reviews’ section of my website which will let you delve further into the details of each specific product. Hopefully these guides have given you a lot more information which will enable you to make the right choice for your space. There is little worse than realizing you’ve made the right call.