June 4, 2020

Emerson CF205VS Highpointe Ceiling Fan Review

by WilliamTurner

Emerson CF205BS Ceiling Fan with Light and Remote, 54-Inch Blades, Brushed SteelEmerson has been producing quality products for more than 125 years. Each of its fan product features diligent artistry and uses the finest materials available. The CF205VS is a new and exciting addition to the Emerson’s Highpointe ceiling fan series. This fan has an architecturally inspired design that captures every detail in a simple form. It has been streamlined to capture a modern architectural style in which there is accountability for every detail.

Its novel blade fasteners and trendsetting industrial cables are integrated with the light fixture to inspire any industrial vintage space. The 54-inch span fan houses two halogen bulbs of 50 watts each and reversible River wash and Honey Oak Blades. This fan has been designed to last you longer and comes with a lifetime warranty for the motor and a one year warranty for the electronics and all other parts. Moreover, its impeccable exterior aesthetics accentuates its interior quality.


The Emerson CF205VS fan has a number of features that take its functional beauty to a whole new level. It features vintage steel housing with modern industrial design, removable decorative cables, and sleek architectural lines that inspire users attention to details. Its reversible Riverwash blades make it a beautiful modern-day ceiling fan and a serious mover of air in large spaces. There is an integrated vintage light fixture in a cream glass to give you a subtle glow and the right warmth for your room. Some of its key features include the light kit, SW102 Wall Control, 6 & 12 inch down rods, four-speed remote control, decorative cables, and three-blade design.

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It features a direct drive motor whose dimensions are 153 by 22 mm. This motor is easy to maintain because of its sealed bearings and doesn’t require any lubrication. It has reversible properties that ensure the fan can be used all year round to push warm air down during the winter and cold air down during the summer. This motor is a perfect answer to the air movement-needs for your room. It makes this unit an expert in air movements. It can make a room up to 7 degrees cooler during warm weather by creating the wind chill effect. You can set the thermostat slightly higher to save on the air conditioning bills. An included flip switch enables you to reverse the air circulation during the cold weather moments. This reversal allows for recirculation of trapped hot air near the ceiling into the room. In this case, you can set the thermostat slightly lower to save on the heating costs.

The 54-Inch blades for this fan enable it to comfortably serve a room of between 144 sqft and 224 sqft. It comes with an integrated light fixture that has two candelabra base 50-watt halogen bulbs. This fixture adds a sense of glow to your space. This modern three blade fan has been specifically designed for indoor purposes. The blade pitch is 12 degrees which provides an airflow of 5023 CFM (cubic feet per minute). The electricity used to operate this unit us 67 watts. With an airflow efficiency of 75 CFM per watt, you are guaranteed to enjoy unmatched airflow capabilities in your home. The three custom blades for this fan comes with a streamlined blade attachment. This is then integrated with the light fixture and can be customized further using decorative cables and optional no-light cover feature.

There is a wall control unit that has a receiver and can be operated by 4-speed remote control. This adaptable remote control helps you enjoy customized light and speed options for your ceiling fan. The total from the ceiling to the bottom of the fan is either 15 or 21 inches. This depends on whether you are using a 6-inch down rod or a 12-inch option. The height from the ceiling to the fan blade is either 16.5 or 22.5 inches. The diameter of the fan housing is 8 inches while that of the fan canopy is 6.3 inches. For a more stable installation, it is always good to mount the fan on to a ceiling joist. If there is no joist in the center of your room, then a special mounting bracket can be used.


Buying this product gives you a range of benefits. Some of these benefits include the lifetime warranty for the motor, high-quality steel finishes that last long, free shipping, different down rod sizes to fit various ceiling heights, and a sloped ceiling kit for ceilings sloping up to 45 degrees. You also get a wind speed factor that is above average to give you a decent level of the cooling breeze. Apart from quality, the other main things to look for in a ceiling is the smooth, quiet operation and the amount of wind-chill provided.

This ceiling fan is equipped with one of the best performing motors on the market. The Emerson motor is also backed by one of the strongest warranty covers in the ceiling fan industry. Buying the CF205VS fan offers you an opportunity to enjoy some of the unique light fixtures and exclusive finishes from Emerson. Additionally, there is then the aspect of style and the Emerson CF205VS fan will add a finishing touch to your room in a way that excels in style and beauty.


The Emerson brand believes in the quality of their products and will always stand with you no matter where you have purchased their products. They have a friendly customer service team that will help you address any concerns that you have. The fan’s motor is regularly tested to ensure that there is no compromise in quality. This is then backed by a lifetime warranty. On top of that, the parts and electronic components include a one year warranty period as well.

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The Emerson modern High pointe ceiling fan is a streamlined fan that captures the urban architectural style. With this fan, you can account for every detail and enjoy the high-quality accessories as well a stop-rated blades that provide excellent performance. There is an integrated light fixture that helps in lighting tasks. For users who may not want to install the light, there is a cover plate that can be used to replace the light fixture. The fan also offers you three custom blades whose blade span is 54 inches, removable no-light blade, removable decorative cables, and 4-speed remote control. There are other add-ons like the sloped ceiling kit and different down rod sizes for different ceiling heights. This fan is a great choice for both inspiring home and industrial vintage spaces.

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