June 4, 2020

Delta BreezGreenBuilder GBR80LED 80 CFM Exhaust Bath Fan/Dimmable LED Light Review

by WilliamTurner

Delta BreezGreenBuilder GBR80LED 80 CFM Exhaust Bath Fan with LED LightThis Delta Breez GreenBuilder Exhaust Bathroom fan combines energy-saving technology with efficient ventilation in an affordable, high-quality product. This petite ceiling-mounted ventilation fan blends well with any bathroom décor and adds the extra convenience of a dimmable LED light.


Delta Breez products are dominating this list with their affordable, modern-looking, energy-saving features. This fan is no different.

A 120-volt DC brushless motor powers this fan, making it more reliable and longer-lasting than many other household appliances. The brushless technology reduces friction, wear, and noise while consuming less energy than traditional electric motors.

This is a quiet fan, with a very low sound rating. Most people find this just about perfect—just loud enough you can tell it’s on without being loud enough to annoy. If you can’t quite tell it’s on by the sound, a tiny indicator light is also included under the grill.

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The Delta Breez exhaust fan is well-constructed from galvanized steel, which resists corrosion. It is also lightweight and fairly simple to install. This fan includes the added benefit of an LED dimmable light.

● Dimensions: 8 in x 8.2 in x 6.6 in
● Airflow: 80 CFM
● Weight: 1 lbs.
● Material: Galvanized steel
● Color: White

Pros and Cons


● Sturdy, lightweight construction
● Efficient moisture removal
● Very quiet
● Dimmable LED light
● Energy-saving technology


● Not powerful enough for larger areas
● 4-in duct will need adapter for retrofitting older models


While it consumes less power than most bathroom fans, the Delta Breez exhaust fan does just as good a job venting away humidity and odors. This fan can process 80 cubic feet of air per minute; in an appropriately sized room, it will have no trouble keeping surfaces free of condensation and air clear of steam.

The smooth, efficient operation of the DC brushless motor allows up to 86 percent energy savings with this fan. It exceeds Energy Star qualification several hundred times!

As with other Delta Breez GreenBuilder fans, this exhaust fan is UL certified, so it can be safely mounted above a shower or tub area.
The light provided by the dimmable LED fixture is just about perfect for a small bathroom area. The fan also has a humidity sensor. When the sensor is turned on (the switch is on the fan) and the wall switch is also on, the fan will stay off while the bathroom is dry, but will start up automatically the moment moisture is in the air.

The four-inch diameter of the duct can make this fan slightly difficult to retrofit, as many older fans have a 3-inch duct diameter. You will need an adaptor, which will cause the fan to function somewhat more loudly than before.

Price and Warranty

The Delta Breez GreenBuilder is sturdily constructed of high-quality materials and built using technology that will keep it running for years. However, like other Delta Breez products, it’s also inexpensive.
A 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty comes with the fan, meaning Delta will refund any defective items or parts.

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The Delta Breez GreenBuilder Exhaust fan seems like a terrific product for the price. The high-quality construction and pleasant appearance leaves little to be desired. Properly installed, it is amazingly silent, so it can be left running for however long you like.

A few added touches make this one of our favorite Delta Breez products. The humidity sensor is handy. Utilizing this function, you can leave the switch on all the time and the fan will only run when it needs to. The LED light is another great feature of this fan.

For such a small, quiet fan, the Delta Breez GreenBuilder manages to do its job most efficiently, decreasing the risk of moisture damage, mold, mildew, or sour odors in your bathroom. It’s an especially good choice for a small, airless bathroom, or as additional ventilation unit in a larger bath area.
No matter how long the fan is running, you can feel confident it’s not depleting the planet of energy or running up your bills, thanks to its energy-saving technology.


The Delta Breez GreenBuilder Exhaust Fan with dimmable LEDs impresses with its sustainability and reliability. At 120 cubic feet per minute, the exhaust fan moves air quickly, venting away moisture and unpleasant odors rapidly enough that you may hardly notice them.

Lightweight, yet with a quality build, the fan is simple enough for semi-experienced DIYers to install it themselves. As a new fan, it’s a cinch, and retrofitting is fairly uncomplicated, as well.

The addition of the LED light makes an already great product even better. The light is bright enough to sufficiently light a toilet area without being glaring, and it has been designed to correctly show color, so your first glimpse of yourself in the morning may not be as ghastly as usual. Altogether, this is a great, high-quality product that is perfect for small to medium-sized bathrooms.

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