June 4, 2020

Delta Breez GBR80 GreenBuilder 80 CFM Exhaust Fan Review

by WilliamTurner

Delta Electronics (Americas) Ltd. GBR80 Delta BreezGreenBuilder Exhaust Bath Fan, 4in ductYes, another Delta Breez product has made it on our list. The Delta Breez GreenBuilder Exhaust Fan takes energy conservation to a whole new level, while still providing efficient venting of humid, steamed-up air.

In this small ceiling-mounted fan, Delta Breez employs the cutting edge of energy-saving technology to offer a quieter, greener, more efficient appliance for ventilating your bathroom. Affordable and easy to install, the GreenBuilder Exhaust Fan is quickly becoming a customer favorite.

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The Delta Breez boasts a 120-volt DC brushless motor that gives it a lot of power. As was mentioned with another Delta Breez fan, a brushless motor is a top-of-the-line electric motor. It lasts longer than regular motors and functions more smoothly.

With the brushless motor, the Delta fan wears out less quickly, and produces both less heat and less noise. In fact, the Delta Breez GreenBuilder is an exceptionally quiet bathroom fan, with one of the lowest sound ratings among exhaust fans.

This ceiling mounted fan is fairly simple to install and has a lightweight yet durable, galvanized steel design. With it’s unassuming looks, this fan meshes well with any other bathroom fixtures. Again, we do want to note that Delta Breez exhaust fans do not include light fixtures.

● Dimensions: 10.75 in x 10.75 in x 5.75 in
● Airflow: 120 CFM
● Weight: 1 lb.
● Material: Galvanized steel
● Color: White

Pros and Cons


● Sturdy, light-weight construction
● Efficient moisture-removal
● Very quiet
● Brushless motor
● Energy-saving technology


● Not powerful enough for larger areas
● Does not have a light


The energy-saving features on this fan are truly unique. When tasked with clearing steam and moisture from appropriately-sized areas, this ventilator has little trouble keeping the air clear and dry. It actually exceeds building requirements for air flow.

At the same time, the fan consumes up to 74 percent less power than a similar model! This is partly due to the smooth, low-friction operation of the brushless motor. Although this is a small fan, it is a popular brand for green construction as it is both economical and sustainable.

Delta Breez has spent 25 years continuing to innovate and pursue higher quality and sustainability in their products. The Delta Breez GreenBuilder is Energy Star qualified. This compact exhaust fan is also UL certified, which means you can mount it directly in an enclosed shower or tub area. It has a 4-inch duct diameter.

Price and Warranty

This bathroom ventilation fan is another very affordable product. Although the quality of materials and design may not completely equal those of more expensive brands, the Delta Breez GreenBuilder will keep running smoothly for a good number of years.

The fan comes with a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, whereby Delta guarantees to refund any defective items.

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The Delta Breez GreenBuilder Exhaust Fan exceeds expectations for a ceiling-mounted fan in this price range. It is inexpensive enough that you may choose to pick it up simply for the price. Too often, this type of buy leaves us wishing we had invested more in quality, but the Delta Breez leads to few such regrets.

With careful engineering, Delta has managed to create a very silent and amazingly energy-efficient product that works well for small to medium-sized bathrooms. Running this fan should keep your mirrors and bathroom surfaces free of condensation even during a hot bath or shower. Keeping it on for a few extra minutes will allow it to completely ventilate the room to remove any moisture that may lead to mold or mildew.

Needing to run the bathroom fan any longer then a few minutes can be extremely irritating when using an old-fashioned model that roars and rattles. However, the quiet operation of this fixture makes taking this type of care frustration-free, and you can also be confident that you are expending only a fraction of the energy many other products might use.


Overall, the Delta Breez GreenBuilder Exhaust Fan has many impressive stats when it comes to being sustainable and energy-efficient. It works well to decrease humidity in small to medium-sized bathrooms.

At 120 cubic feet per minute, the exhaust fan moves air quickly, venting away moisture and unpleasant odors quickly enough that you may hardly notice them. It’s subtle, modern appearance allows it to blend into any corner you choose to place it, making it an ideal choice for any appropriately-sized room.

If you are experienced enough to do your own installation, this model is one of the simpler ones to put in. It features strong, well-thought-out installation brackets and hardware.

The galvanized steel construction and DC brushless motor keep this fan running smoothly for a long time, beating out many products with otherwise similar specifications. And all of this comes at an affordable low price.

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