February 25, 2021

Best Ceiling Fans for Kids Bedrooms

by WilliamTurner

If you are looking for a ceiling fan for your kids bedroom, you know by now that they come in a variety of styles and design. They can be very colorful and once mounted to the ceiling, they will add an eye-catching look to the play room. Your options are endless, and it all depends on what kind of style you want for the room.

Top Ceiling Fans For Kids Bedroom - Reviews

Overall, the ceilings fans that are designed for kids rooms give a fun-loving impression and add a unique decor element that sometimes echoes the hobby or interest of your kid. There are so many designs to choose from, whether you are looking for a fan for boys or girls room of all ages. Read our list below of top rated ceiling fans for kids bedroom and you might end up with a unit that fits perfectly for your kids play room.  

1. Top Pick - Best Ceiling Fan For Kids Bedroom

Westinghouse Lighting Indoor Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse Lighting 7247500 Roundabout Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light

  • 30 inch Ceiling Fan
  • Reversible Blades - White/Colorful
  • For Rooms Up To 80 Sq. Ft.
  • Airlfow: 2,083 cfm

Our first item on the kids ceiling fan list is the Roundabout ceiling fan from the popular Westinghouse company. This model features a charming, streamlined design with impressive performance and versatility. Here we have a 30-inch ceiling fan that will nicely fit into any smaller playrooms and comes with five reversible blades with mixed colors. If you choose to reverse and flip the blades, the ceiling fan will have white-finish blades.

The Roundabout features a powerful but silent motor that spins the five blades to generate 2483 CFM (Cubic Feet Per Minute) airflow at the highest speed. It uses only 39 watts of electricity and provides 64 CFM per minute per watt air circulation efficiency. You can set the motor to reverse-mode to have the blades spin counterclockwise to provide cold air effect during summer or clockwise to push down warm air from the ceiling during winter.

Westinghouse White Ceiling Fan

This unit will provide enough air circulation for an 80-100 square feet room and includes built-in frosted glass light kit with frosted texture and 2x 40watt light bulbs. It has 3 settings (low, medium and high) but does not come with a remote control. However, you can easily add a remote control if you prefer the convenience of being able to operate the control from where ever you are located within the sensor's range.

2. Best Ceiling Fan For Girls Bedroom

Prominence Home Elsa 48" Pink Ceiling, Chandelier Lamp Shades Dusty Rose

Prominence Home Elsa 48 Inch Pink Ceiling Fan

  • 48 Inch Ceiling Fan
  • Reversible Blades Dusty Rose/Pink
  • Quiet Reversible Motor - Three Speed Settings
  • Multiple Hanging Options

This whimsical ceiling fan is perfect for decorating a room for any child or child at heart that adores pink. This fan has 5 reversible blades with a 48-inch sweep that have two separate finishes. The first is a muted pink, and the reverse is a dusty rose with a slight pattern. The metallic portion of the fan is a matte white finish.

This ceiling fan has three arm branched chandelier style lights with pink and white fabric shades with shabby chic bead accents. The bulbs are an e26 / B10 and are included. This fan has a pull chain included and is suitable for installation in an average sized room anywhere from 12 to 18 square feet.

The fan motor is reversible for year-round use. It is designed to be mounted one of three different ways. It can be mounted with the included 4 inch downrod, or mounted on an angled ceiling with a pitch up to 23 degrees. It can also be flush mounted to the ceiling. When mounted using the included downrod, the fan has a ceiling to light fixture clearance of 19.2 inches.

For control, this fan should be wired to a wall mounted switch. It does not include a remote control. An included pull chain will adjust the speed of the motor.

This fan has a limited lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer. This provides for replacement or repair should the fan stop working due to a manufacturing defect or a problem with the material.

Ceiling Fans for Kids Rooms Buying Guide

No matter if you are just redesigning your kid's room or simply making a fresh decoration start, you will find only top rated ceiling fans for kids listed above. It goes without saying that a baby room should be a comfortable living area. Your child should have enough space to read books, play with toys and sleep. If you decide to invest in a ceiling fan for your kid’s room, your kid will feel comfortable, and you will add a creative and unique atmosphere to the room. To aid you towards that goal, your option is to choose a ceiling fan for your kid that is a reflection of their personality.

Kids not only enjoy but also they benefit from a room that they feel comfy and relaxed in. If you decide to mount a fan inside your kids' room, it will keep your kid comfortable and happy throughout the year while they play with their friends and family in their nicely looking living area. It doesn't matter what the young ones are doing in the room, drawing during a rainy day or enjoy a movie on a hot summer day, a ceiling fan will circulate fresh air around the room during summer and push down warm air from the ceiling during winter time. Browse through the buying guide below and see if you can pick any ideas to transform the room into a cozy and fun playroom.

What to Consider?

When you are investing in a ceiling fan for your kids, it is important to do thorough research before you fork out your hard-earned money for a unit. Below are few guidelines that will help you to find the perfect ceiling fan to match your kid's room.


As you know, there is a wide range of different manufacturers on the market that are fighting to offer you the best deals for kids ceiling fan. However, to narrow down your list to perfect fan, you need to decide on the design that fits the kid's room the best. Every ceiling fan is built and assembled with a specific theme in mind. Therefore, it is important that you already have an idea of what design you are looking for.


Just like with standard ceiling fans, kid's ceiling fans come in all shapes and sizes. There is no "one-fan-fits-all-rooms" type of ceiling fan on the market. Having said that, you will be able to choose from fans designed for large rooms, fans designed for high ceilings, low-profile fans for low ceiling and so on. I recommend that you measure the room to have an idea what you are looking for regarding size, design, airflow and other functions.


Another factor to bear in mind is to carefully think about where you want to mount the fan. The rule of thumb is that any fan should not be installed lower than 7-8 feet from the ground. If you intend to install the fan in a room with low ceiling, a low-profile, or hugger fan, is most likely your best options. However, the room has ahighceiling, the ideal fan is a unit with downrod because a simple extension like downrod will help to extend the fan from the ceiling and closer to the floor.

Here's a guide on how to install a ceiling fan for for those that need more information about that.


Are you looking for a unit that you can operate through pull-chains or do you prefer a fan that includes a remote? To meet both demands, some newer models include both pull-chain and remote operation. Additionally, most of the fans include a reverse mode that allows the motor to spin the blades in reverse direction and therefore, enables you to conveniently adjust the fan according to the temperatures outside.

Benefits of Ceiling Fans for Kids

Health Benefits

Main benefits of installing a fan into any room is to circulate and increase airflow to improve the quality of the air. It is extremely beneficial to our young one's health if we can improve air quality in the living area where they are playing. Additionally, if they have been playing outside in hot weather, a ceiling fan can provide cool wind breeze effect to cool down our kids to prevent dehydration.

Save Money and Energy

Although ceiling fans are not built to replace AC systems, they can help to cut down up to 40% of your utility bill during summer and around 10% off during winter. The key here is to use them to together, and there will be days where you can turn on the AC just for a short time and then use the ceiling fan to circulate the cold air. That way, you can minimize the AC and lower your thermostat. It is common for kids to suddenly leave the room without turning the lights or the fan off. Therefore, a good idea when you are searching for the perfect fan is to look for the Energy Star stamp in the product features

Fun Decor Solutions

Installing a ceiling fan in a kid's bedroom is fun and expressive way to highlight the favorite color, game or hobby of your kid. Apart from being fun and expressive decor solutions, they also serve as an effective way to ventilate and circulate fresh air around the room.

Decorating Ideas

Most, if not all ceiling fan manufacturers provide excellent decor solutions for those who are looking for ceiling fans for kid’s rooms. Therefore, it should be an easy to task to narrow down your search to a list featuring only the best ceiling fans for kids. However, you need to figure what style and hobby go with your kid. It goes without saying that a teenager will probably not have the same interest as a small baby. Below you will find decoration ideas to match different needs depending on the age.


Now, if you are looking to design a baby nursery, the smartest approach is to stick with easygoing colors to maximize creativity and create a mellow atmosphere.  For example, by using green color for learning environments and blue color if you want to create a calm environment. Also, lighting is something that you need to take into account as well because the ideal illumination will be helpful to calm your kid.

Young Children

For young children, bright and exciting colors can do miracles in creating relaxing and playful living space. These colors include pink, red, orange and yellow and they will go a long way to turn any room into a learning or playing area. You can even use different colors together by painting walls in different colors if you desire. There are so many creative ways to follow that basically the sky is the limit. For a room for a young kid, it is recommended that you opt for a ceiling fan that includes alight kit that can satisfy any science or sport lovers out there. The key here is to invest in a unit that meets your kid´s hobby or interests.


When you are dealing with teenagers (that know everything!), your most sensible thing is to design the color and set the mood in their room by asking them what they need and want. This is also a great way to bond and do something together.


As you can see, it is easy to see the many benefits of having a ceiling fan installed in your household. They serve as a convenient option to generate a wind-chill effect, and also, they will add style to the living area. As you have noticed, there are so many different styles and finishes available on the net that it can be a hard task to choose one from a huge list of best ceiling fans for kids because your objective is to end up with a unit that fits your needs.

If you are interested in installing a more modern ceiling fan in your kids bedroom then you can of course go for something that looks great instead of focusing on something that kids will like, you can find more ceiling fan reviews in this section or alternately you can browse through our list of the overall best ceiling fans.

In case you are looking for a unique style that goes perfectly with a specific theme, it is easy for you to browse through the ceiling fans for kids review section here above and pick out one from the wide range of fans. I hope that you were able to use the information to assist you to make an informed investing decision. At the end of the day, it all depends on what you are looking for in a fan, and hopefully you end up investing in a unit that meets your demands.

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