June 4, 2020

Broan SPK110 110-CFM Sensonic Speaker Fan with Wireless Technology Review

by WilliamTurner

Broan SPK110 110-CFM Sensonic Speaker Fan with Wireless Technology ReviewMost of us agree we don’t mind a little fan noise when it comes to bathroom exhaust fans, but quieter is generally better. This Broan fan takes us to a whole new level by including wireless speakers right in the fan! Not only does this fan cut down on roar and rattle, it adds music!

This powerful vent fan moves as much as 110 CFM of air and features easy installation; perfect for all you DIYers out there.

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Enjoy listening to your favorite music, radiostation, or podcast while showering with this state-of-the-art bathroom ceiling-mounted fan. The Broan Sensonic Speaker fan boasts a Bluetooth speaker that can connect wirelessly to your phone or tablet for entertainment while in the bathroom.
Perfect for long, luxurious baths, the Broan fan effectively vents away humidity to keep steam and condensation from building up and damaging walls and fixtures. At the same time, it will play your choice of music or other sound media via a wireless connection.

This exhaust fan is listed as UL safe, meaning you can mount it directly above a tub or shower. Bulbs for the light will have to be purchased separately.

● Dimensions: 11.38 in x 7.62 in x 10.5 in
● Airflow: 110 CFM
● Weight: 11 lbs.
● Material: Galvanized steel and plastic
● Color: White

Pros and Cons


● Included Bluetooth duel high-fidelity Sensonic speaker
● Effective airflow and moisture removal
● Moderately quiet operation
● Easy enough for DIYers to install
● UL certified safe


● Large and heavy
● Not very beautiful


Broan is a well-established and trusted brand of ceiling-mounted bathroom fans. They can often be a little loud, but this fan surprises in this respect. Although there is some background noise, it is minimal, and is completely covered by the sound playing on the speakers.

That’s right, the speaker included with this fan puts out a nice, loud sound, suitable for filling a large bathroom of up to 105 square feet. Since this is one of the first speaker/fan combinations of its kind, we can assume that this technology will only continue to improve, but this is not a bad model for such an innovative product.

The fan is configured to be wired right along with the speaker. This means that when you switch on the fan, you’ll be switching on the speaker as well. With a little expertise and know-how, you can separate out the wiring and wire the speaker and fan to separate switches, but for most users, this won’t be necessary. Unless you phone is set to automatically connect, the speaker won’t start playing anything until you ask it to.

Connecting your device to the enclosed speaker is as simple as connecting it to any other Bluetooth device. If for some reason it’s not working, the company will send you a new Bluetooth receiver, which is easy to install.

Price and Warranty

For a combination bathroom fan and Bluetooth speaker, this product is very affordably priced. You are getting a high-quality fan, plus a wireless speaker and receiver that produce a surprisingly good sound. The fan comes with a limited 3-year manufacturer’s warranty on all parts.

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The Broan Sensonic Speaker Fan is an ingenious product that’s also super-convenient. With the speaker installed high above the shower or bathtub, you don’t have to worry about getting your electronic devices too close to the water. Just program what you want to play and enjoy throughout your bathroom routine.

In spite of all the gadgets, Broan still delivers with this fan. It quickly and efficiently clears moisture and odors from the air. The noise of the fan is not at all bad. There is not metallic clanking or rattling going on.

Though the inserted speaker is small, it has no trouble producing enough volume to cover the sound of the fan—and then some!

Installation is fairly easy, though the size of the fan does need to be taken into consideration. It cannot be mounted from below, and if you are replacing a smaller fan, some remodeling will need done. The fan comes with necessary installation hardware, including a handy I-joist mounting spacer. It is made to fit best in 2 x 8 ceiling construction.


Our overall conclusion is that Broan has done a good job with this fan. The combination of technology is still new, leading to a few construction features that could be better designed, but there is nothing that prohibits this fan from working safely and well.

The fan is quieter than many earlier Broan products, making it a good replacement piece. The size and design mean it’s not the best-looking fan you’ll ever see, but it looks decent and practical . . . and when you flip that switch and the speaker comes on, it will definitely be the best-sounding fan you’ll ever hear.

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