7 Best Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan (With Reviews and Buying Guide)

monte carlo ceiling fansHere is another ceiling fan manufacturer that provides ceiling fans that consist of unique blade styles and designs. They have been in the business since 1996, and they are not only industry leaders in the ceiling fan market, but also pioneers in light modules, home decor, and home improvement solutions. They focus primarily on trend inspired and fashionably designed ceiling fans that include numerous types of different sizes, finishes, and styles. Although the ceiling fans have developed rapidly over few years, Monte Carlo is committed to provide superior customer service on a scale that is unheard of in the business.

Monte Carlo Company is pleased to provide potential ceiling fan buyers the most extensive and the most up-to-date units you can get your hands on. They are committed to design eye-catching ceiling fans that will compliment any home decoration, such as the popular Monte Carlo 5LLR56BSD or the Monte Carlo 4MC20RB mini ceiling fan. Their selections range from conventional and modest products all the way to creative and trending ceiling fans that fit any home décor. Moreover, they are famous for their top-quality production standards. The design and functionality are something that consumers love about Monte Carlo ceiling fans. Monte Carlo ceiling fans are often compared to the popular Minka brand when it comes to design and style.

Although design and style play an important deciding factor when comes to choose the ideal ceiling fan for your living space, it is also important to take into account functionality and efficiency. You can count on Monte Carlo to deliver only exceptional performance and engineered to work extremely efficiently. That way, you can rest assured that every element will always provide top-notch overall performance while cutting down on your energy bill.

All the Monte Carlo ceiling fans listed below feature a powerful and efficient motor, along with classy blades that guarantee silent and outstanding air circulation. Have a look at the Monte Carlo ceiling fan reviews below and see if you can find a unit that matches your demanding requirements. Once you find your desired unit, it is important that you read through the ceiling fan comparison charts to further narrow down your picks.

Top 7 Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans
  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • Monte Carlo 4MC20RB
  • Color: Roman Bronze Finish
  • Fan Size: 20"
  • Material: Wood
  • Weight: 10 pounds
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty on defective parts

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans
  • 4 Customer Rating
  • Monte Carlo 5DI52BSD-L
  • Color: Brushed Steel
  • Fan Size: 52 in
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans
  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • Monte Carlo 4CO28WH
  • Color: White
  • Fan Size: 28"
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 10.7 pounds
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty.

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans
  • 4 Customer Rating
  • Monte Carlo 5LLR56BSD
  • Color: 0.9
  • Fan Size: 56 in
  • Material: glass|metal|wood
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans
  • 4 Customer Rating
  • Monte Carlo 5CU52RB
  • Color: Brown
  • Fan Size: 52"
  • Material: Wood
  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty.

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans
  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • Monte Carlo 4VG42/28TBD-L
  • Color: Tuscan Bronze
  • Fan Size: 42"
  • Material: Metal, Glass
  • Weight: 22.6 pounds
  • Warranty: Manufacturers

Monte Carlo 4MC20RB Mini Ceiling Fan

Best Monte Carlo Ceiling FanOur first pick is the most compact unit in our countdown and here is an awesome mini ceiling fan that fits perfectly into smaller rooms. It is available in three different styles that include a brushed steel finish with silver blades, a Roman bronze finish with Roman bronze blades and a white textured unit. It comes with five heavy-duty blades that provide a 20-inch blade span and a 12-degree blade pitch to provide the ideal air movement. The five blades are attached to a durable and powerful motor that generates 1764 cubic feet per minute air flow on the highest. This airflow rate results in a 40-watt energy usage and 44 CFM/watt airflow efficiency.

It comes with a 4.5″ (1/2″ Interior Diameter) downrod and the hanging height is 12″ to make the mounting process an easy task. Moreover, there is a canopy included if you prefer flush mount set up. It includes a pull-chain operation where you can set the three-speed levels and turn on or off the unit.

This unit does not come with a light but you can easily purchase and adapt a light kit for this unit. This is one of the most popular compact ceiling fan on the market and consumers are extremely happy with its performance. Additionally, Monte Carlo offers a lifetime warranty on defective parts.

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Monte Carlo 5DI52BSD-L Ceiling Fan

Best Monte Carlo Ceiling FanHere is an extremely popular unit from Monte Carlo that features a sturdy brushed-steel finish. Also, there are five blades and a cloudy globe texture with a built-in light equipment. There are five different styles to choose from that include a brushed steel, black matte, polished nickel, Roman bronze and a white textured unit. The motor is a durable and quality-built motor that spins the five top-notch steel blades to generate 5209.3 cubic feet per minute air flow rate. Although the motor is extremely silent, it provides a whisper-quiet air movement at highest speed.

This unit features a 3-speed pull-chain operation, and you can also reverse the airflow by switching manually to reverse-mode. That way, you can set the blades to spin counter-clockwise during summer or clockwise during winter to enjoy a year-round comfort. The blade span features 52 inches and a 12-degree blade pitch to move the air efficiently around the room. In the unlikely event that you run into any problem, this Monte Carlo comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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Monte Carlo 4CO28WH Ceiling Fan

Best Monte Carlo Ceiling FanOur next awesome model is this powerful 28-inch unit that comes with a Roman bronze finish. If you are looking for the same design, but in a different style, then you can choose from five other different fans that would make a fantastic décor solution in any home. The styles are black, brushed pewter, brushed steel, black matte and white finish.

All styles include sturdy five blades, with 20-degree blade pitch, which are attached to a powerful motor that is optimized for wobble-free operation. This Roman bronze ceiling fan provides 3081.7 CFM air flow capacity that uses only 48 watts on the highest speed. With this efficiency, the whole unit generates a whopping 67 CFM/watt air flow efficiency using the heavy duty 153×8 torque motor.

Overall, this 28-inch ceiling fan is yet another exceptional addition to the stylish Monte Carlo family. It features a dual mount system that allows you to install it with no need of buying extra pieces. Just like every Monte Carlo fan, this unit has been receiving two-thumbs up from buyers that are extremely happy with its size and the comfortable air movement that it generates. Moreover, this unit uses pull-chains to operate, and there is a reverse switch that you can use to change the spin direction of blades to enjoy year-round comfort air circulation. It does not come with a light kit, but there is a switch cap that allows for easy light adaptation. On top of all these great features, there is a lifetime warranty on this product.

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Monte Carlo 5LLR56BSD Ceiling Fan

Best Monte Carlo Ceiling FanNext up is one of Monte Carlo’s most popular units and this ceiling fan is nothing but a high-quality and world-class unit. It features a contemporary steel finish. It is not for those who are looking for a low priced ceiling fan, but despite its price-tag, this fan is one of the most energy efficient ceiling fan on the market today.  It is the perfect solution for big spaces with high ceilings and features a 56-inch blade span. The four feather shaped blades are designed to provide the perfect ventilation in larger rooms. The motor was engineered to spin the blades and generate 7126 cubic feet per minute airflow circulation that result in a merely 28 watts electricity use.

If you do your homework properly, you will discover that although this unit comes with a price, it spends hardly any electricity. Therefore, over the long-run, you will save money and significantly bring down the cost of your utility bill. 7126 CFM air flow capacity by spending only 28 watts is a performance that you will not see in any other ceiling fan. This incredible performance works out as massive 254 CFM/watt air flow efficiency. This unit is not only extremely efficient but also features a contemporary and unique design that will serve as a nice addition to any home. On top of all these fantastic features, there is a lifetime warranty to make this a fair deal.

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Monte Carlo 5CU52RB Ceiling FanBest Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan

Our next pick is another awesome looking unit that provides excellent efficiency as well. It comes in a stylish Roman bronze finish with five heavy-duty blades that provide 12-degree blade pitch to ensure top air circulation. This is the Roman bronzed style, but you can also choose a white finish to compliment your home décor.

This unit is capable of generating 4892 CFM air flow using only 68 watts that result in 72 CFM/watt air flow efficiency. You can safely mount this unit outdoors as it is wet rated. This means that the motor and blades are engineered to withstand humidity and liquid elements.  Additionally, it is very easy to operate the fan using the pull-chain feature.

Overall, this efficient 52-inch ceiling fan does not only provides beauty to your living space but also features an appealing price tag. The contemporary built blades combine eye-catching look and airflow efficiency in one package. Additionally, this is an Energy Star certified product that ensures maximum efficiency without using much electricity. You can adapt a remote kit and a light fixture to this kit for a small additional fee. You can also flush mount this unit if you have a low ceiling. At last, there is also a lifetime warranty from Monte Carlo against all defects.

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Monte Carlo 4VG42 28TBD-L Ceiling Fan

Best Monte Carlo Ceiling FanOur next selection is yet another Energy Star product from Monte Carlo, and this time we will inspect the widely popular Villager brand. This is a stylish and unique ceiling fan that comes ina Tuscan Bronze design. This unit is 42 inch in diameter and built with a 12-degree blade pitch for powerful air circulation. It comes with a light texture that uses two 60W bulbs. The trendy Walnut blades are linked to a powerful but quiet motor that rotates the blades and generates 2933 CFM air flow circulation at highest speed. This powerful performance is achieved by using only 39 watts and delivers 58 CFM/watt air flow efficiency.

You have two options to mount this unit using downrod or flush mount. The ideal height for this fan is minimum 8 feet and the total height of the fan measures 20 inches. What consumers like the most about this model are its stylish design and its energy efficiency. It meets all the Energy Star requirements, and this fan can significantly reduce your utility bill if you mount it in the correct place. Monte Carlo is known for their high-quality standards, and therefore, they offer their standard lifetime warranty against all defects.

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Monte Carlo 3MNLR56BSD Ceiling Fan

Best Monte Carlo Ceiling FanOur last pick is not for faint-hearted buyers, but do not let the price scare you away. This is the most expensive Monte Carlo ceiling fan on our list, and for a good reason. It comes with an extremely quiet motor that generates more power, but uses up to 70% less energy than any other brand on the market today. The blades are hand carved wood blades that are developed to maximize the airflow in the room.

It features three streamlined and contemporary blades that provide 56-inchblade span with 15 inches pitched angle. Together with the motor, the blades generate 7785 CFM air flow movement using only 27 watts of electricity that results in 285 CFM/watt air flow efficiency. It also comes with the convenient reverse-airflow switch that you can program to enjoy comfortable wind-chill during summer or warm air circulation during winter.

There are six speed levels that you can set from the palm of your hand by using the included remote control. Along with the previously mentioned 5LLR56BSD unit, both these ceiling fans are built to save you money over the long term. This unit also features the industry-leading lifetime warranty on all parts against defects.

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Monte Carlo 5HS42RB Ceiling Fan

Here is one of our budget-friendliest version in our countdown and this five wood blade unit comes in a Roman bronze style. It provides 42-inchwingspan, and a 14 degree pitched angle. Despite its affordable price, this ceiling fan comes with one of the most powerful motors in this price category. Have in mind that even though it comes with a robust and heavy-duty motor, it is designed to operate silently at full speed.

The motor rotates the blades to produce 3900 cubic feet air flow circulation, and you have the option to reverse the spin direction manually. Taking advantage of the reverse-spin allows you to set the fan to rotate counter-clockwise on summers to generate cool wind-breeze effect and during winter you can switch to clockwise rotation to enjoy warm air circulation in the room.

This item is designed to provide superb comfort using minimum effort. The perfect Roman bronze finish and walnut blades offer the ideal décor solution, and you can even add light and remote kit to boost the comfort. It is stamped to generate 69-Cubic Feet per minute per-Watt air efficiency by using only 57-Watts when in operation. There is also a lifetime warranty to ensure its top-quality.

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan Comparison Chart

Monte Carlo 4MC20RB20"WoodRoman Bronze Finish10 pounds
Monte Carlo 5DI52BSD-L52"SteelBrushed Steel19 pounds
Monte Carlo 4CO28WH28" MetalWhite10.7 pounds
Monte Carlo 5LLR56BSD56"Glass|MetalWoodSteel1.6 ounces
Monte Carlo 5CU52RB52" WoodBrown24 pounds
Monte Carlo 4VG42/28TBD-L42"Metal, GlassTuscan Bronze22.6 pounds
Monte Carlo 3MNLR56BSD56" Wood, Glass, MetalBrushed Steel16.28 pounds

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

With today’s technology, it is hard to imagine the world without electronics and home appliances. Ceiling fans are getting increasingly popular year by year and manufacturers are fighting for your attention. All of them claim to have the best units available that fit your home perfectly. However, the reality is that there are so many products for sale today that it can be exhausting to go through every single item.

There are many manufacturers on the market as well, and it is extremely important that you end up with a unit from a reputable company. Many ceiling fan manufacturers tend to sacrifice quality for price. Although cheap does not mean bad, it goes without saying that quality comes with a price. Having said that, knowing that a ceiling fan company, such as Monte Carlo, always delivers top-notch performance at an affordable price. Therefore, Monte Carlo is a brand name that you should seriously consider.

They have been around for a long time, and they understand that environmental comfort is extremely important in today’s world of extreme weather conditions. With global warming and with warmer summers every year, consumers are constantly looking for ways to cool down without spending too much energy. That is where Monte Carlo comes into the picture, and they design their ceiling fans to provide maximum comfort during hot summer days or cold winter days. To understand how Monte Carlo designs their units, it is important to understand how their ceiling fans work and what to expect.

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fan Technology

In theory, it takes more energy to keep a room colder than to lower the air temperature in a room. Therefore, the cooling unit needs an independent connecting bridge to the main electricity board, along with wires,in order to keep it from burning out.

Monte Carlo units require a lot less energy to operate efficiently, and their products can complement pre-existing wiring set with minimal difficulty.Their ceiling fans are manufactured with the latest technology to deliver air circulation the way you have not experienced before. Moreover, their units also include various wiring solutions that make it easier to plug directly into your wallsocket.

Choosing the Ideal Ceiling Fan

As we have discussed above, ceiling fan units have gotten better and better as time passes and today they feature contemporary styles with high-quality functions and top end visual appeals. There are so many options to choose from that will fit any needs, and ceiling fans come in all shapes and sizes to complement different home décors.

With all these fantastic ceiling fan solutions out there, it may become an overwhelming process to choose the correct fan for your home. However, this Monte Carlo ceiling fan guide was intended to help you to cut down the workload significantly, and we will do our very best to answer your ongoing questions and provide you with all the information necessary so that you will end up with the ideal unit that matches your demanding requirements.

First of all, as a demanding shopper, you must evaluate and take into consideration where to mount the ceiling fan. It is important that if you are looking for an outdoor unit, that you pick a properly regulated unit for outdoor use. The reason is that indoor units are not constructed to be operated outside. The motor is not sufficiently sealed to withstand humidity and liquid and once the water reaches inside the motor house, it will generate a chain reaction effect and bit by bit it will begin to fail. Therefore, outdoor units go through intensive testing to ensure that they withstand all the major weather elements.

Have in mind that ceiling fans that include a Wet-Certification are designed to be mounted in open areas, such as covered patios and sunrooms. These units are ideal for locations that are exposed to liquid and humidity, such as rain and snow. There are other types that include a Damp-Certification that can be mounted outdoors but are more vulnerable to humid and liquid elements. These are excellent solutions for those who are looking for a unit to mount in areas close to the beach or in front of lake.

Mounting Options

The ceiling height plays an important role in the whole process as well, because it may impact the fundamental element in the installation proceedings. The truth is that most, if not all ceiling fans include a variety different mounting solutions that offer a certain degree of versatility with regards to the exact gap from the ceiling to the fan. Also, this could influence the visual appearance because some ceiling fans on the market today have the tendency to look even better if they come with an extended downrod, instead of being mounted directly to the ceiling.

Additionally, low ceilings happen to be more limited to hugger-style mounting because of safety factors while higher ceilings (9 feet or above) require different lengths of downrods to enjoy maximum efficiency and comfortable air movement.  Angled ceiling often comes with a leveled mounting that requires a downrod, so that the blades of the fan won’t touch the ceiling itself and affect the blades,the ceiling and motor efficiency.

You’ll also need to measure the actual ceiling height and the distance from the ground if you want the best air circulation. However, your hands might be tied behind your back because of safety reasons. In other words, there are building regulations that actually require you to allow 7 feet of distance from the floor to the blade. However, this varies between states and local government. The rule of thumb to follow here is that fan blade distance from the floor should be around 8 feet if you want the ideal air circulation efficiency.

The last mounting factor to bear in mind is the electrical layout. This element depends on your desired ceiling fan’s electricity needs. Therefore, the electrical circuit panel should always be located in a place that prevents the unit from overheating the main circuit unit. If your existing wiring is old, you should immediately replace them with new circuits to enjoy a maximum performance at all times. However, if you are dealing with brand new installation process with no pre-existing circuit accommodations or whatever wiring options you are dealing with, it is always better to call in an expert to prepare the whole unit.

Mounting Location is Important

The main purpose of a ceiling fan is to move air around the room or living space. Therefore, it is critical that you choose the best location to mount the ceiling fan. An expensive ceiling fan that is mounted in an incorrect location will do no good and become inefficient with time.

Ceiling fans are not developed to influence the air temperature in the room but they are designed to move air-mass around the room and create a comfortable wind-chill effect during summer, and during winter they push down warm air from the ceiling and generate comfortable air flow feeling.

In order to maximize the efficiency of the ceiling fan, you need to mount it to the correct location. Additionally, you need to have in mind the diameter of the ceiling because the diameter depends on the size of the room that you plan to install the fan. The reason is that if you install a big fan into a small room, it might not operate as efficiently as it should be.

AC installation vs. Ceiling Fan Installation

AC systems are complex units that need extremely intensive setup. You may have to drill holes in the wall or break down a small section of your wall for pipes and other air holes. However, it is much more easier to mount a ceiling fan unit but have in mind, whatever you choose, you will have to pay a contractor or invest a lot of time in installation.

Although you are an experienced DIY person, it is always better to call in a professional to wire and mount the ceiling fan. Monte Carlo units are known to be easy to setup, and if you prefer the DIY way, you should be done and dusted around the one hour mark.

Here’s our ceiling fan installation guide.

Size Matters

Monte Carlo has ceiling fans to compliment any home decorations, and their units come in all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for a ceiling fan to operate in a small space, then you might want to consider around 30-inch unit to maintain the living space sufficiently ventilated. Monte Carlo also has plenty of medium-sized ceiling fans available if you need proper ventilation for small-medium rooms.

Moreover, for rooms over 150 square feet, you should opt-in for a ceiling fan that features at least 42-inch blade span in order to maintain optimal air movement in the room. Monte Carlo also has for sale bigger ceiling fans for rooms that require a lot of air movement. These rooms include family rooms, dining rooms and rooms with high ceilings. For these bigger rooms, you should consider anything over 52 inches to provide proper air circulation around the room.


You can expect that the average AC system will most likely operate on 1.3-1.5 kW of electricity while a Monte Carlo ceiling fan will operate on 25-30 watts. That means an AC would cost around $50-$60 per month, compared to a $2-$3 per month for a ceiling fan from Monte Carlo.  AC systems require a lot of energy to maintain a room’s temperature, and once the temperature level is reached, the AC “takes a break” to maintain the temperature.

Therefore, the AC will consume a lot more energy if it is in operation throughout the day for months. On the other hand, a ceiling fan features a different and a lot less energy consuming temperature effect that features an immediate refreshing benefit once you switch it on and the best part is, you can easily turn it off every time you leave the room.

Final Thoughts

In summary, most buyers look at the price, which is the most influential buying factor before the final decision.  However, as we discussed earlier, it should not be the only deciding factor. By all means, do not end up investing in the cheapest ceiling fan model because you feel like you have to save a buck or two. Cheap-end units do not include the same quality artistry as the first-class units. Cheaper brands tend to wobble, and the motor does not include a long motor warranty.

With Monte Carlo, you will receive one of the lengthiest warranties in the business. They manufacture only quality ceiling fans that include the finest, top-rated materials while cheap-end companies tend to sacrifice quality for price to reduce the cost even further.

With Monte Carlo, you will receive the perfect pitched angled that will move a huge amount of air more efficiently than similarly priced ceiling fans. Moreover, for best results, the motor plays an important role as well because, without a powerful motor, the blades won’t get the job done.

Overall, Monte Carlo ceiling fans are known to be consistent, durable, quality-built and efficient units that can match any budget. Hopefully, by now you will have all the information you need to pick your very best unit that perfectly matches your decoration and needs. It does not matter what extra bells and whistles you need in a ceiling fan because Monte Carlo has it all.