March 1, 2021

10 Best Hunter Ceiling Fan Reviews (Comprehensive Guide)

by WilliamTurner

Hunter is a well-established ceiling fan manufacturer that has been providing extremely efficient ceiling fans at an affordable price. Their products go through intensive testing before they are released to the public to ensure that every single piece will meet your demands.

If you are looking for a budget friendly ceiling fan that includes all of the high-end features, then you should seriously consider investing in a ceiling fan from Hunter. They have done their homework properly to stay one step ahead of their competitors, and Hunter Fan Company can provide Whisper-Wind ceiling fans that are designed to fit any budget and needs. It is true that quality comes with a price, but Hunter has found the perfect balance between quality and price.

10 Best Hunter Ceiling Fans

All ceiling fans from Hunter are Energy Star certified. That means that you will experience top-rated airflow efficiency and air circulation on a level that you have not experienced before. Moreover, their innovated Whisper-Wind technology ensures that you get powerful airflow, without spending much energy. They are one of the most efficient ceiling fan manufacturers on the market, and they work hard to cut down on your utility bill without sacrificing quality.

All the Hunter fans listed in our countdown are only quality built units that are known to deliver first-class performance without breaking the bank. Feel free to browse through the list below and see if you can find the best Hunter ceiling fan that fits your needs and budget.

#1 The Winner

Hunter 53090 Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan

Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan

  • 52 Inch
  • LED Light
  • Reversible Motor
  • Pull Chain

The Hunter Fan Company is known for using only the very best elements to build classy designs and to deliver beautiful ceiling fans that complement any home decoration. Apart from stylish concepts, Hunter works hard to build energy efficient fans at an affordable price. The Builder Deluxe is a trendy fan that includes everything that you need in a ceiling fan. It features a powerful motor that can generate 5110 cubic feet per minute airflow rate.

Although that this unit features a powerful motor, it is surprisingly silent, thanks to Hunter's Whisper-Wind technology that brings powerful, wobble free air circulation in the room. That way, you can enjoy breezing wind-effect in the room, without any noise at all. Also, there is a light included that consists of toffee glass bowl. The light kit takes 2x 60w light bulbs that are also included in the package. Also, the light kit is removable in case you want to use it without lights.

This unit does not come with a handheld remote control, but any universal remote kit can be easily installed for added convenience. If a remote is not an issue for you, then you can operate the 3 speed levels and light by using the pull-chain function. The Hunter Company provides lifetime motor warranty and one year warranty against defects on all parts.

#2 Runner Up

Hunter 53237 Builder 52 inch

Hunter 53237 Builder Plus Ceiling Fan

  • 52 Inch
  • LED Lights
  • Reversible Motor
  • Pull Chain

The Hunter 53237 made in to the top 10 list for the best overall ceiling fans and it might be your number one pick if you are looking for a powerful ceiling fan with a light kit that can illuminate a very large room. There are elegant styles that you can choose from, a brushed nickel/Brazilian cherry, a bronze/harvest mahogany and a snow white version. All of them are beautifully built to meet your demands.

The quality built and sturdy motor ensures a silent operation, even at highest speed, thanks to the Whisper-Wind innovation that was developed to deliver cool airflow on hot summer days and warm air circulation during cold winter days. The reverse mode allows the motor to spin the five sturdy blades in opposite direction so that you can enjoy a year-round comfort. The motor was built to move the air efficiently and produce 5049 CFM airflow at highest speed.

This unit comes with a light kit that takes three light bulbs that are included. There is no remote but you every operation is performed through the pull-chain mechanism where you can turn on and off the lights and program the three-speed levels. You can also purchase a universal remote or a wall switch for added luxury.

The package also comes with everything you need to mount the fan on a standard, low or angled ceiling, up to 45 degrees. Hunter offers one of the lengthiest warranty in the business, a whopping lifetime motor warranty and one year warranty on all pieces.

#3 Small and Powerful

Hunter Fan Company Hunter 52090 Transitional 34in Ceiling Fan

Hunter 52090 Watson Ceiling Fan

  • 34 Inch
  • Dimmable LED Light
  • Multi-Speed and Reversible Fan Motor
  • List Element

The Watson is a sturdy and stylish ceiling fan that ensures quality performance every time. This is a unit that counts for unparalleled excellence, provides elegant look that compliments any home decor and delivers wobble-free and silent performance. If you are looking for a unit that can cut down on your cooling cost up to 47%, the Watson may be your ideal pick.  It comes with five extremely beautiful walnut blades that cover 32 inches of blade span.

Moreover, the five sturdy blades, together with the motor, can generate 3516 cubic feet per minute air flow at highest speed. It comes with the brilliant Reverse-Mode motor that you can set to spin clockwise or counter-clockwise, depending on the season. That way, you can enjoy the fan during summer and winter by adjusting the airflow and generate a cool wind breeze effect on summer or have the fan pushing down the warm air from the ceiling during winter.

This is a pull-chain operated fan and it comes with 3 speed levels that include low, medium and high settings. The light is also operated through the pull-chain function. The light kit consists of stylish glass cover that includes 2x 60W light bulbs. Also, the package includes everything you need to mount the fan to a standard, low or angled ceiling up to 45 degrees. As usual, the Hunter Fan Company provides a lifetime warranty on the motor and one year warranty on parts.

#4 Without Light

Hunter Ceiling Fan builder elite

Hunter 53242 Builder Elite Ceiling Fan

  • 52 Inch
  • Three Finish Options
  • Pull Down Chain
  • Quiet Motor

Next up is an elegant ceiling fan that comes with five well-built reversible blades in mahogany or cherry color, depending on your preference. There are three different designs to choose from that include brushed nickel/Brazilian cherry, black matte, and new bronze/harvest mahogany finish. Although that there is no light included, it is very easy to mount a universal light kit at an affordable price.

The motor is a quality built WhisperWind unit that spins the five large blades to generate up to 5049 CFM airflow. Despite its power, this ceiling fan is extremely silent, even at highest speed. Moreover, you can reverse the spin direction and set the motor to reverse-mode if you want to enjoy cool-air flow during summer and warm air circulation during winter.

There are three-speed levels that include low, medium and high spin and this unit consists of pull chains to operate. If you do not like the pull-chain operation, you can purchase a universal remote at an affordable price.

There are two downrods included that make a standard, flush mount, and angled mounting an easy task. This fan is stamped as an energy efficient unit and its energy start certification ensures that you can use this fan on highest speed without spending much electricity.

Overall, this is one of Hunter's popular and cost effective ceiling fan, and consumers are generally very happy with its performance and design. If you are looking for an efficient ceiling fan that really moves the air, but does not come with a light kit, you should seriously consider the Builder Elite. Your purchase is backed up with a lifetime motor warranty and a 1 year limited warranty on all parts.

#5 Indoor/Outdoor With Remote

Hunter Fan Company Hunter 59135 Nautical 54in Ceiling Fan

Hunter 59135 Key Biscayne Ceiling Fan

  • 54 Inch
  • Reversible Fan Motor
  • Quiet
  • LED Light Kit

The mighty Biscayne has been receiving excellent reviews all over the internet from consumers that are thrilled with its performance and elegant look. This is one of the most popular fans on the market today, and it comes with all the bells and whistles that you can think of in a ceiling fan. On top of that, mounting the unit to a ceiling is a piece of cake.

The motor is ultra-powerful and was built with quality, durability and efficiency in mind. It can generate up to 6239 CFM airflow at highest speed, making this the most powerful ceiling fan in our countdown. Attached to the motor are five beautifully designed blades in gray pined color. This is a big ceiling fan, spanning 54 inches and it really gets the air moving in any room.

Despite its ultra-power, this unit features Hunter´s unique whisper-wind technology that generates silent but powerful airflow. The motor can also be programmed to reverse the airflow in the room. For example, if you want a chilling air circulation, you can set the fan to generate downdraft on hot days or updraft on cold winter days.

This unit is stamped for damped locations and features the ETL DAMP certification. That means that you can install this unit if you have a covered patio, porch or sunroom. If you mount it outside, you can rest assured that the motor is properly sealed to withstand humidity and liquid and the blades are weather resistant as well. Use the pull chains to control the three speeds and turn on/off the lights. There is also an intergraded light kit that takes two 14W light bulbs and a white class case that covers the bulbs and delivers comfortable illumination. As always, Hunter offers lifetime motor warranty and 1 year warranty on pieces as well.

#6 Indoor/Outdoor

Hunter Ceiling fan matheston

Hunter 54091 Matheston Ceiling Fan

  • 52-Inch
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Dimmable CFL Light
  • Pull Chain

Next up is a powerful 52 inch, five blades ceiling called the Matheston. The five blades are attached to a very effective motor that is capable of generating 6201 CFM air flow rate. This unit was designed to efficiently move the air around in a large room.  Despite its 6201 CFM capacity, it features the fantastic whisper-quiet performance that ensures wobble free and comfortable experience, even at highest speed.

This is a versatile ceiling fan that you can enjoy throughout the year, regardless of season, thanks to the reversible mode that allows you to set the motor to spin the blades in reverse-mode. That way, you can change the air circulating direction of your fan and create a cooling downdraft during summer time or generate a comfortable air movement by circulating the warm air from the ceiling around the room.

This unit is designed to be mounted outdoors, and the motor is properly sealed to withstand humidity and water. In other words, the whole unit is damp rated, which means that it is safe to mount in patios, sunrooms or covered porches. The Matheston also includes a beautiful bowl light kit that can be easily removed if you want to enjoy a light-free ceiling fan. Also, this is a pull-chain operated fan but you can purchase a universal remote for added luxury.

Installation is a breeze, and you should be able to mount it to your ceiling by yourself. However, if you are not the best DIY person, you should call in a professional. It comes with everything you need to mount the fan successfully to a standard, low or angled ceiling. You can also purchase longer downrod if you have a high ceiling. On the whole, this is a powerful but efficient ceiling fan that was designed to save up to 40% of energy. It comes with a lifetime motor warranty and 1 year warranty on all pieces.

#7 Low Profile

Hunter ceiling fan low profile III

Hunter 53069 Low Profile III Ceiling Fan

  • 52 Inch
  • Flush Mount
  • Quiet
  • 3-Speeds and Reversible Motor

Here is your perfect solution if you are looking for a low-profile ceiling that offers plenty of air movement without spending much energy. This is your number one pick if you need a flush-mount unit and you can rest assured that this ceiling fan is designed to keep a large room (up to 485 square feet) cool.

Here is a stylish five blade unit that covers 52 inches and comes with a powerful motor that generates a comfortable air circulation all year round. The motor generates up to 2852 CFM air flow rate, and the airflow efficiency is 44 cubic feet per minute per watt. Moreover, this unit is guaranteed to provide wobble-free and silent performance, even at the highest speed.

The fan can be set to spin in three different speed levels that include low, medium and high speed. Also, you can program it for reversible airflow to enjoy a year-round air circulation. It comes in many beautiful designs that will compliment any décor at home. This unit is one of the budget friendly solutions on the market and does not include a remote or light kit. However, you can easily purchase a universal remote and mount a light kit for added comfort. At last, Hunter guarantees the motor for life and offers an additional 1 year warranty on pieces.

#8 With Light and Pull Chain

Hunter Ceiling Fan 53175

Hunter 53175 Banyan Ceiling Fan

  • 52 Inch
  • Ultra Powerful
  • Reversible Motor
  • 3" and 2" Downrods

Here is another ceiling fan that includes the WhisperWind motor technology. There are five walnut colored blades attached to the motor, and together they provide a 5160 CFM that really moves the air around. The motor can be set to spin in reverse mode so that you can use the fan throughout the year. Set the fan to downdraft mode during summer and updraft during winter to enjoy year round comfort and bring down the cost of your energy bill.

There are three styles you can choose from that include brushed nickel, new bronze and snow white texture. Every design features the same powerful motor and 5 easy-to-dust blades. This unit includes a light kit that consists of a white glass bowl that takes 2x 60W light bulbs that are included with your purchase.

There is no remote, but you can operate the light and the three-speed levels by using the pull-chains. If you want a handheld remote, you can purchase a universal remote to operate every function from the palm of your hand.

It is very easy to mount this unit, and it includes one standard 6 inch downrod and another 1 inch shorter rod. If you need to mount the unit on a higher ceiling, you will need to purchase a longer unit. Have in mind that if you opt for a longer downrod, you will have to extend the wiring as well.

Overall, here we have an extremely popular ceiling fan from the Hunter Fan Company that stands by their product 100%, and they offer a lifetime warranty on the motor and one year warranty on parts.

#9 Farmhouse

Hunter 54061 Valerian 60-Inch Bronze Patina Ceiling Fan with Dark Walnut Roasted Walnut Blades and a Light Kit

Hunter 54061 Valerian Ceiling Fan

  • 60 Inch
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Reversible Motor
  • 3" Downrod

Next up is a unit with a massive 60-inch blade span that features 5 quality built blades that are attached to a powerful motor. The motor and the blades are designed to generate 7185 cubic feet per minute airflow at maximum speed. This is one of the most powerful units in our countdown, but have in mind that despite its powerful air movement, this unit is almost silent at highest speed. Moreover, you can enjoy cold-breeze effect on summer or reverse the air circulation and have the motor circulate warm air from the ceiling around the room.

Just like every ceiling fan from the Hunter Company, this unit is very easy to mount if you want to install it on a standard or angled ceiling. It comes with a 3 inch downrod but if you need a longer downrod, you can easily purchase one for an additional price. The Hunter Fan Company does not provide a handheld remote with this unit, but you can invest in a universal remote if you prefer that option over the pull-chain operation. You can operate the fan through the pull-chains, where you can choose between 3-speed levels and turn off/on the light.

#10 With Light and Pull Chain

Hunter Indoor Ceiling Fan with light and pull chain control - Kingsbridge 54 inch, Roman Bronze, 54140

Hunter 54140 Kingsbridge Ceiling Fan

  • 54 Inch
  • Powerful and Quiet
  • Reversible Motor
  • Light Kit

This is a 54 inch, five blade ceiling fan with a durable motor that provides 5407 CFM airflow. It comes in Roman Sienna color and features a beautiful light kit. Just like every Hunter fan listed in our countdown, this unit was built using the exclusive WhisperWind technology from Hunter which means that once you set the fan at full speed, it generates quiet air flow and won’t wobble. The motor is also capable of spinning in reverse mode so that you can enjoy windy-breeze airflow during summer and warm airflow during winter time. In other words, the motor spins the air and creates downdraft cool air or updraft warm air circulation in winter.

In order to deliver massive 5407 cubic feet per meter airflow, the Kingsbride has five sturdy and quality built blades that are 50% thicker than the standard blades in this size category. Therefore, equipped with a powerful motor and durable thick blades, this unit is one of the efficient fans on the market.

It also comes with a light kit that provides plenty of light for a spacious room. It comes with a 3-set light, and three 60W bulbs are included in the package. There is a stylish amber glass globe that covers the light bulbs and creates a comfortable lighting illumination. It is rather easy to mount this unit to the ceiling using the installation kit that allows for standard, low or angled mounting. Altogether, this is an excellent solution for anyone who is looking for a budget friendly and efficient ceiling fan that delivers exactly what it says on the tin.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Comparison Chart

Hunter 53237 Builder Plus52 inMetal, Glass Brazilian Cherry18.52 pounds
Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe52 inMetalCherry / Stained Oak20 pounds
Hunter 53175 Banyan52 inMetalBrushed Nickel18.73 pounds
Hunter 53242 Builder Elite52 inMetalHarvest Mahogany 18.15 pounds
Hunter 54091 Matheston52 inMetal, GlassCottage White25 pounds
Hunter 54061 Valerian60 inMetal, GlassBronze Patina24.6 pounds
Hunter 5306952 inMetalWhite18 pounds
Hunter 5209034 inMetal, GlassNew Bronze15.43 pounds

Why Choose a Ceiling Fan From Hunter Fan Company?

Alternatively, you can reverse the rotation and set the blades to spin clockwise and to create warm air circulation around the room. This is extremely beneficial for those who are looking for a way to cut down on their energy bill and enjoy a comfortable air rotation all year-round. There are also many other factors that you should take into account before you invest in a ceiling fan for one of the reliable companies. If you are interested in other ceiling fan brands you can check out our ceiling fan brand guide here.


It does not matter if you are experienced DIY person or a complete newbie, it is always better to call in a professional to wire and install your ceiling fan. All Hunter´s ceiling fans feature three-way mounting options that allow you to mount the fan to a standard, low or angled ceiling. You can also opt for an extended downrod if you prefer to install the fan on a high ceiling. Bottom line here is that Hunter includes everything you need in order to mount the fan into your desired living space successfully.


The ceiling fans from Hunter are all built with quality and durability in mind. Even if you find a cheap unit for sale, you can rest assured that it will provide excellent performance and last for many years to come. The Hunter Fan team is known to go the extra mile to deliver quality products at an affordable price. Their selections range from simple ceiling fans to high-end units that are built to meet your needs and demands.


This is one of the most important element to take into account before you make your final buying decision. Although that you have to take more factors into the equation, the warranty is something that says a lot about a product. It goes without saying that if you have two options that include the same features and cost the same, there is no question which one you pick. For example, your two options include a ceiling fan with one year warranty and another one that comes with a lifetime warranty, which one you would choose?

Hunter provides a lengthy lifetime warranty on the motor on all their ceiling fans, plus you get a 1 year warranty on all parts. Having said that, make sure that you check the quality, durability, efficiency, price and warranty before you make up your mind.

Final Points

At the end of the day, it all boils down to the fact that you are most definitely looking for a ceiling fan that meets all your requirements. It is not a good idea to try to save a buck or two on a low-end ceiling fan only to realize that it stops working after few months. Hunter is a respectful ceiling fan manufacturer, and they have been in the business for over 100 years. If you are not sure about Hunter then there are many other ceiling fan brands out there that offer high quality and great features. One of those is the Emerson ceiling fan brand which is highly recommended.

Therefore, you can rest assured that your purchase is covered in the unlikely event that you end up with a unit that does not match your demands. You will receive a top-notch ceiling fan, with high CFM capacity and a motor that delivers excellent performance. Moreover, the blades are built from the finest quality and together with the motor; you will experience efficient air circulation without spending too much energy. Furthermore, all of their fans feature different styles to complement different home décors.

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