March 1, 2021

10 Popular Emerson Ceiling Fans (With Reviews)

by WilliamTurner

Emerson was the industry-leader that introduced us to the ceiling fan as we know it today. They have been dominating the ceiling fan market with their ceiling fan motor technology for well over hundred years, so they have been in the business for quite some time. Today, they are committed to stay ahead of their competitors and deliver only the best fans to the consumer. Their ceiling fan collection can be found in all shapes and sizes, with different features and appealing styles to accommodate the needs of the buyer.

Durability is something that the company takes very seriously. Therefore, the company is willing to stand by their products 100% and offer one of the lengthiest warranties on the market today. All of their ceiling fans include a limited lifetime warranty, and they also offer 1-year warranty on parts. That way, you can rest assured that you will receive a top-quality product that is going to last you for many years to come.

Have a look at the list below and see if you can spot the best Emerson ceiling fan that meets your expectations.

10 Best Emerson Ceiling Fans

#1 Indoor Ceiling Fan With Light

emerson ceiling fan cf711ors pro series

Emerson CF711ORS Pro Series II Ceiling Fan

  • 50 Inch
  • Dual Mount
  • 5 Reversible Blades
  • Removable Light Fixture

First up in our countdown is the 50-inch Pro Series II ceiling fan that features an oil rubbed bronze texture and comes with five, easy to clean, oak blades with a cherry fixture. Here we have a dual-mount unit that includes 4.5-inch downrod. It is ideal for standard mounting, or, if you have a low ceiling, you can use the close-to-the-ceiling approach without the downrod. The five blades are reversible, so you can easily flip them to change the look of the room.

It is extremely easy to install this unit, and it was designed with precision-lock blade arms, which come with pre-fitted screws, snap-on glass and slip-on mounting bracket for easy installation. Moreover, the lighting glass blow features a snap-on glass that easily fit into its place with a gentle twist. Since the light fixture is removable, you can effortlessly replace it with a switch cover.

The Pro Series II also features the reversible-airflow technology that allows you to generate downward or upward airflow according to your preference. This is very handy when you want to bring warm air from the ceiling, or produce cool-wind effect on hot summer days. There is also a remote that comes with three-speed settings included in the package. Overall, this is a fantastic fan that gets the air moving, even in the most spacious rooms. On top of that, Emerson offers a lifetime limited motor warranty and warranty against defects, to make this a fair deal.

#2 Large Fan With LED Wall Control

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF788VNB Carrera Grande Eco Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Emerson CF788VNB Carrera Grande Eco Ceiling Fan

  • Blades Sold Separately: 54, 60, or 72 Inch
  • Energy Star Rated
  • With 4-1/2-inch Downrod
  • Wall Control

The Carrera Grande is another big and powerful ceiling fan from the highly regarded Emerson stable, and there are many styles and colors to choose from that make this an excellent option for any room in your home. It comes in six colors that include antique pewter, gilded bronze, golden espresso, oil rubbed bronze, satin white and Venetian bronze. There are no copper windings to deal with in this unit as this fan utilizes permanent magnets. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are investing in a silent but efficient ceiling fan.

This fan is extremely versatile, both in functionality and style, and you can add blades, for an added cost, to create a 54, 60 or 72-inch blade span. Also, you can easily add a light fixture to this unit. The Eco version comes with a stylish Venetian bronze housing and 5 universal high quality built blades that you can easily remove. This unit operates on 6 speed levels and comes with a reverse-mode, so that you can operate the fan anytime of the year. Have in mind that there is no remote included, but you can purchase a universal remote. Also, you can synchronize the fan with your smartphone and operate all features through your cell phone.

It is very easy to mount this fan on standard ceilings, using the 4.5-inch downrod.  Moreover, it is Energy Star certified unit that uses less than 33watts of electricity when operated on high speed, making this one of the efficient fans on the market today. Although it does not come with a remote, it comes with a LED wall control receiver. There is also a lifetime motor warranty from Emerson included.

#3 54-Inch Fan With Wall Control

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF880VNB Amhurst Indoor Ceiling Fan With Light And Wall Control, 54-Inch Blades, Venetian Bronze

Emerson CF880VS Amhurst Ceiling Fan

  • 54 Inch
  • Reversible Blades
  • 4-1/2-inch Downrod
  • 4 Speed Wall Control

This is an antique-style 54-inch ceiling fan that offers top-quality and classic style to any room. The Armhurst features four Honey-Oak reversible blades to add more elegance to its style. There is also an intergraded Opal Matte light fixture that includes 2x 60watt bulbs. Although this ceiling fan is stamped for indoor use, the blades are weather resistant, and the motor is properly sealed for humidity and water. Therefore, this would be a nice addition to any covered patio.

It is very easy to mount this ceiling fan to a standard ceiling, using the 4-1/2-inch downrod and it comes with 4 speed wall control that you can use to adjust the speed and illumination. Moreover, there is also a reverse-mode that you can set to push the warm air down during winter, or create cool wind effect on hot summer days.

This ceiling fan offers a lot of versatility, and you have several options to maximize the functionality of this unit. For example, you can purchase a remote control and operate the fan from anywhere you are, instead of relying on the wall control. No matter what type of ceiling you have, if the included downrod is not sufficient for your ceiling, Emerson has other mounting kits available that fit every ceiling. At last, this ceiling fan comes with limited lifetime warranty from Emerson.

#4 50-Inch Fan With Light

emerson ceiling fan cf712bs

CF712BS 50-Inch Pro Series Ceiling Fan

  • 50 Inch
  • 5 Reversible Blades
  • Removable Light Fixture
  • Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty

Here is another Pro Series fan from Emerson and this time we will look at this stylish unit with a single light fixture housing that uses 3x light bulbs for comfortable illumination. This unit brings a retro style decor in the room with its unique oil-rubbed bronze finish and white glass light texture.

Just like with any Emerson ceiling fan, the mounting process is extremely easy, using the install mounting bracket. Also, all Pro Series fans include a precision-Lock blade arms to make the mounting even easier. Moreover, there are pre-attached screws that make it a breeze to assemble the blades to the unit. This unit comes with a dual mounting option, where you can choose to install it close to the ceiling or use the downrod. The downrod should be used on 8-9 foot ceilings to maximize the efficiency of the ceiling fan. However, if you intend to mount the fan to higher ceilings, there are downrods available for longer lengths. Also, if you want to change the light fixture or use this fan without the glass, you can remove it or replace it with switch cover.

The Pro Series can generate 5224 CFM airflow, which makes this one of the most efficient fans on the market. There is also a reversible airflow switch that allows you to enjoy luxurious temperatures all through the year. During summer, create a wind-chilling effect, while during winter, set the fan to recirculate warm air from the ceiling. The reverse airflow option is a fantastic way to cut down on your energy bill. At last, there is a lifetime limited warranty on this Emerson ceiling fan to protect your purchase.

#5 Low Profile

Emerson ceiling fan cf130bs

CF130WW Tilo Low Profile Ceiling Fan

  • 30 Inch
  • 4-Speed Wall Control
  • Three Streamline Blades
  • Optional Light Fixture

Our next pick is an elegant low profile ceiling fan that features contemporary design and stylish curved plywood blades. It comes with three eye-catching streamlined blades, and there are three unique models to choose from, that include appliance white, brushed steel and oil rubbed bronze finish to match various room decorations. It offers flexible mounting options which allow you to mount the unit as a hugger if you intend to install it in a room with low a ceiling, or use the downrod for standard installation. This is an efficient indoor and outdoor ceiling fan for damp locations that will serve as a nice addition to any patio or sunroom.

Despite its compact size, it moves air around the room very efficiently. It is designed to generate 2278 CFM air flow which makes this unit a powerful air move, even in spacious rooms. Despite its power, it is extremely energy efficient and spends only 42watts. Moreover, the airflow efficiency is 54 cubic feet/minute/watt. On top of that, you can set the fan to generate reversible airflow. Therefore, during summer you can program the blades to spin counter-clockwise for cold-wind effect and during winter, set the blades to spin clockwise to push down the warm air from the ceiling.

In summary, it comes with 3 streamlined 30 degree curved blades. Additionally, there is a 4 speed wall control included, so there are no pull-strings to rely on for comfortable airflow. If you want a unit that you can operate wherever you are in the room, you can purchase a separate handheld remote for added convenience. There is a lifetime motor warranty from Emerson, and a 1 year warranty on all parts.

#6 Indoor/Outdoor Fan

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF788ORB Carrera Grande Eco Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan

CF788ORB Carrera Grande Eco Ceiling Fan

  • Oil Rubbed Bronze housing
  • Blades Sold Seperately: 54, 60, or 72 Inch
  • Energy Star Rated
  • Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty

Next up is another fantastic Carrera Grande fan that features five high-quality solid wood blades and oil-rubbed bronze housing that creates rustic and vintage look. This ceiling fan provides an excellent solution to customize the style according to your room's decors. Let's say, for example, that you get tired of the design. Instead of buying a new unit, you can purchase new blades and transform the style and bring a fresh look to the room. There are over 50 different finishes available to purchase. Therefore, everyone should be able to find something that suits their demands.

Upgrading the blade's design is also an excellent way of increasing the efficiency of the unit. Just by adding new blades, you can increase the blade length from 44, 54 or 72 inches. The motor is extremely powerful and generates a massive 7154 CFM airflow without spending too much electricity because this fan is Energy Star rated. Therefore, you can rest assured that even at highest speed, the motor will only spend 33 watts of electricity.

Installation is a piece of cake, as the Carrera Grande comes with a 4-1/2-inch downrod for easy mount on a standard ceiling. If you need to install the fan on a pitched ceiling, you will need to invest in a sloped ceiling installation kit from Emerson. This model does not come with a handheld remote, but there is a 6 speed, LED wall control included in the package. Additionally, there is a wide variety of light kits available for purchase if you are looking for a fan with light feature. At last, your investment is protected by a lifetime motor warranty and 1 year warranty on all parts from Emerson.

#7 Indoor/Outdoor With Remote

Emerson Outdoor Ceiling Fans CF135DBZ

CF135DBZ Callito Cove Ceiling Fan

  • 52 Inch
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • 4-1/2-inch Downrod
  • 4-Speed Remote

Here we have a beautiful 52-inch ceiling fan called the Callito Cove by Emerson. It features a tropical and elegant design with a stylish bronze housing. This unit can be used both inside and outside. It is labeled as wet rated, which means that the palm leaf blades are built to withstand water, humidity and other weather elements.

The motor is very powerful and can generate 5532 cubic feet per minute airflow by spending only 72 watts on full power, making this one of the most cost-effective ceiling fan on the market today. You can also set the motor to spin in reverse-mode, which means that you can enjoy comfortable temperature throughout the year by choosing between clockwise and counter-clockwise spin settings according to your preference.

This unit comes with a light texture and includes an opal matte glass that takes 3 13watt light bulbs. Although it is always recommended to call in a professional to install your electronics, it is very easy to mount this fan to a standard ceiling, using the 4-1/2-inch down rod. In case you want to mount it on a sloped ceiling, there are many installation kits available from Emerson that suits any ceiling needs. There is also a 4 speed remote control included for added convenience.

Overall, this is one of the most elegant models on the market that will transform any room into a beautifully furnished area.  Emerson is known to deliver top quality and they back up their products with a lifetime limited warranty and 1 year warranty on parts.

#8 42-Inch With Light

Emerson CF710WW Traditional Style 42-Inch 5-Blade Ceiling Fan, White with Frosted Globes

Emerson CF710WW Traditional Style Ceiling Fan

  • 42 Inch
  • 4 Blades and Reversible Airflow
  • Removable Light Fixture
  • Dual Mounting

Our next Emerson item is a budget friendly ceiling fan that includes a well-built and powerful motor that delivers 3834 Cubic Feet Per Minute by spending only 45 watts of electricity on maximum speed, making this unit one of the most powerful fan in its class. The motor can also be programmed to generate reversible airflow. That way, you can set the fan to "chill mode" and enjoy up to 7 degrees cooler air flow. Alternatively, with just one switch, you can reverse the airflow during winter and have the unit push down the warm air from the ceiling. One of the major benefits of the reverse-airflow function is that it can save you a lot of money on your utility bill because once you have hot air circulating the room, you can set the thermostat lower and save up to 40% of the energy consumption.

There is a 4.5-inch downrod included in the package that you can use to mount the fan on ceilings up to 9 feet. On the other hand, you can flush mount it directly to the ceiling without the downroad if the room has a low ceiling. On ceiling higher than 9 feet, you should consider investing in a lengthier downrod from Emerson to maximize its performance.

This fan comes with a light kit that you can use to brighten up your space. The 4-way light fixture glass is easy to install and takes just a gentle twist to secure it in place. The light requires 3x 13-watt bulbs that are included in your purchase. If you prefer a unit without a light, it is easy to remove the light glass and use the fan without a light.

Overall, this is a perfect option if you are looking for a powerful ceiling fan that can move the air around the space silently and efficiently. Have in mind that this is a pull-chain operated ceiling fan. Therefore, if you want added luxury, you can invest in a universal remote control.

#9 50-Inch Fan With Light

Emerson Ceiling Fans CF712ORB Pro Series Ceiling Fans, Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light

Emerson CF712ORB Pro Series Ceiling Fan

  • 50 Inch
  • Dual Mount
  •  With a 4-1/2-inch Downrod
  • Limited Lifetime Motor Warranty

If you are looking for a powerful, 5 blade oil brushed bronze ceiling fan, then this is your number one pick. This is another Pro Series fan, but this unit consists of a 50-inch blade span and a highly effective motor that provides 5224 CFM air flow at highest speed. With all that power, you can generate up to 7 degrees cooler temperature in the room, without increasing your energy bill, thanks to the powerful motor and the reversible air flow switch.

It comes with a light kit, but you can easily remove the base and operate the fan without the lights. The light fixture takes 3x 60 watt light bulbs that are included with your purchase.

Just like any Pro Series ceiling fan, this unit comes with blade arm to make it an easy process to attach the blades to the unit. Moreover, this unit offers a dual mounting solution that includes a bracket for flush mounting or 4.5-inch downrod for angled or high ceilings up to 9 feet. For higher ceilings, there are additional downrods available that are designed for higher ceilings.

This Pro Series ceiling fan is operated through pull-chains. However, for added convenience, you can invest in a handheld remote or a wall remote receiver. That way, you can control the speed and lights from the palm of your hand.

Overall, this unit is among the most popular fans on the market and customers are happy with its CFM performance along with its beautiful design and versatility options. Emerson is willing to make this a fair deal for you by protecting your purchase with a lifetime limited motor warranty and a 1 year warranty on parts.

#10 42-Inch Inside/Outdoor

Emerson CF542ORB Veranda Indoor Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Emerson CF542ORB Veranda Ceiling Fan

  • 42 Inch
  • Inside/Outdoor
  • Remote and Light Sold Separately
  • UL Labeled

Here is a perfect all-weather solution for your garden, glasshouse or patio as well as any room in your house. It comes with five easy to assemble oil rubbed bronze blades. Although this unit does not come with a light kit, you can easily add a light texture to match your needs. The blades provide 42 inch span that fit medium-large room. The sturdy motor provides 4421 cubic feet per minute airflow and spends just 53watts of electricity at maximum speed. The reversible airflow mode allows you to experience up to 5 degrees cooler wind-effect on hot summer days. During winter, set the fan to push warm air down from the ceiling.

This unit is one of the most popular outdoors units, and it is labeled safe to use by UL in wet locations. The motor is properly sealed to resist any water and humidity, along with the blades that are heavy-duty constructed to withstand even the most severe climate conditions. There is no remote or wall control included with this unit and if you do not like the pull-chain operation, you can purchase a universal remote and easily synchronize the motor with a handheld remote. Just like with every Emerson ceiling fan, there is a 4.5-inch downrod included to make standard mounting an easy task. Emerson provides lifetime limited warranty on the motor and a 1 year warranty on parts and against defects.

Emerson Ceiling Fan Comparison Chart

Emerson CF205BS54 inWoodBrushed Steel26 pounds
Emerson CF711ORS50 inDownrodOil Rubbed Bronze22 pounds
Emerson CF788VNB Carrera Grande60 inN/AVenetian Bronze19.4 pounds
Emerson CF880VS Amhurst54-InN/AVintage Steel27 pounds
Emerson CF712BS Pro Series50-InN/ASteel21 pounds
Emerson CF130WW Tilo30 inN/AWhite11.6 pounds
Emerson CF788ORB Carrera60 inWood Oil-rubbed Bronze20 pounds
Emerson CF135DBZ Callito52 inN/ABronze29.3 pounds
Emerson CF710WW Traditional 42-InGlassAppliance White17 pounds

What to Expect from Emerson

As you know, there are many models available on the market, and therefore, it is crucial to pick a ceiling fan from a well-established manufacturer. Emerson is a reputable ceiling fan provider, and unlike many companies that deliver cheap-end fans, Emerson has always provided products that are built with high-quality construction standards. You won’t have to worry about dangling fan when you choose Emerson because all their products are tested to be wobbling free and extremely efficient.

Emerson provides all kinds of fans that include all the features that you can think of in a ceiling fan. They have quality units that are ideal for small or big rooms. You can get a unit with a handheld remote control or wall switch. Moreover, all the items listed in this article feature the brilliant Reverse-Air-Flow-Mode that allows you to enjoy comfortable airflow throughout the year. For those that are still not sure if Emerson is the right brand for them there are other options that offer a wide range of features at a fair price, Hunter ceiling fans is one of those brands that has grown in popularity in recent years and Monte Carlo ceiling fans is ceiling fan brand that offers modern looking ceiling fans made from high quality material and at a great price.


Once you have found the model that you think will match your décor needs, it is time to look deeper into other important factors that you need to have in mind before you make your final decision. For example, a crucial element in the decision process is to understand what size you need for the space you intend to install the fan to. It makes no sense to mount a 75-inch ceiling fan into a tiny room and once you set it on maximum speed, you will feel like you just experienced a jet-stream airflow. On the other hand, you are wasting your money if you mount a small fan with low CFM efficiency into a spacious room.

Price Point

Price is also an important factor to look into when choosing an Emerson product. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Therefore, your final decision cannot be based solely on price. However, the price is a good indicator of the quality of the product. Having said that, you cannot expect the same bells and whistles from a $25 ceiling fan as you would from a $300 ceiling fan.

Even the most budget friendly Emerson ceiling fans include everything that you need in a fan, although you might have to fork out more for added luxury such as a handheld remote control, a light kit and higher CFM.


Warranty is also one of the crucial elements that need to be taken into account before you invest in a fan. If a manufacturer is not willing to stand by its own product and offer a lengthy warranty, what does that say about its quality? Just like with the price, the warranty should not be the only deciding factor when you are narrowing down your list.

However, it plays an important role in the process, along with other factors. Therefore, Emerson is a well-respected manufacturer and all the items listed here above come with lifetime motor warranty and a 1 year limited warranty for parts. That way, you can ensure that your investment is protected against defects and lengthy warranty ensures that the company stands by its quality products.


Overall, every single ceiling fan product from Emerson provides top-rated efficiency, and there are so many different styles and designs to choose from to fit any needs of a demanding customer. Emerson is constantly looking for a way to stay ahead of the game by coming up with cutting-edge units that deliver a user experience that no other brand can provide. In other words, if your desired ceiling fan features the Emerson logo, you can rest assured that quality and efficiency at an affordable price is Emerson main objective.

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