March 1, 2021

6 Great Casablanca Ceiling Fans With Buying Guide

by WilliamTurner

Ceiling fans from the Casablanca stable are one of the most sought after ceiling fans on the market today. The reason is that every single unit by Casablanca entails an ageless concept that is offered thorough care and manufactured using only the very best quality. Casablanca Fan Company is known for delivering top rated ceiling fans to the public, and the key element of their success lies in its consistency.

While the majority of the ceiling fan manufacturers on the market today focus entirely on design and looks, Casablanca has been ahead of their competitors by introducing attractive designs that are tested to deliver efficient and consistent performance. All their ceiling fans are extremely well-built, powerful, quiet and reliable, and this is the reason why Casablanca can deliver the finest artistry and quality to make a top-rated fan that will last you for years to come. Although Casablanca Fan Company does not offer the most unique or colorful ceiling fan to the market, their products are extremely durable and dependable.

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  • 6 Top Casablanca Ceiling Fans

    #1 The Winner

    Cassablanca Durant ceiling fan

    Casablanca 54103 Durant Snow White

    • 54 Inch
    • Low Profile
    • Reversible Fan Motor
    • Pull Chain

    Our first pick is the brilliant low-profile Durant 54103 hugger style ceiling fan that was manufactured to fit flush to the ceiling. The way it was designed makes this a perfect option for large rooms with a low ceiling (up to 485 square feet). This unit includes five sturdy and well-built blades that feature the unique Dust Armor nano-technology that was developed to repel dust build-up on the blades.

    The Durant also comes with a powerful direct drive motor that provides quiet performance and durability that ensures that you will enjoy top-rated efficiency for many years to come. The motor is capable of generating 4249 cubic feet per meter air flow capacity that suit medium to large rooms.

    This unit does not come with a remote but to operate the four-speed settings and turn the fan on or off, you can use the pull-chain. The Durant comes with an industry leading life-time motor warranty, along with 1 year warranty on parts, plus an unique 120-day in-home service warranty.

    #2 Runner Up

    Casablanca ceiling fan Concentra

    Casablanca 54019 Concentra Ceiling Fan

    • 54 Inch
    • Reversible Fan Motor
    • Pull Chain
    • 3" and 2" Downrods

    This elegant ceiling fan features five top-notch white blades that offer 54-inch blade span. To minimize maintenance, the Casablanca team developed the blade with a unique Dust-Armor nanotechnology that prevents dust buildup. The direct drive high-quality motor spins the blades to generate 6129 Cubic Feet per Minute air flow rate without spending much energy. There are three different Concentra styles to choose from that include a snow white, cocoa, and brushed nickel design.

    The Concentra does not come with a light fixture, but you can easily fit it with light kit. Moreover, if you prefer the convenience of a handheld remote, you can purchase a Casablanca Universal Remote to control the 4 speed levels. It is very easy to mount this fan to standard, flushed or angled ceiling using the 3" downrod (total height of 13.1 inches). Moreover, you can also flush this fan, so that it provides a total height of 10.1 inches.

    Overall, this is a fantastic option for those who are looking for an efficient, quiet and well-built ceiling fan at an affordable price. It features a stylish design, powerful reversible motor, and your purchase is covered by a lifetime motor warranty and one year warranty on pieces.

    #3 Powerful and Quiet

    Casablanca ceiling fan ainsworth

    Casablanca 54001 Ainsworth Ceiling Fan

    • 54 Inch
    • Reversible Fan Motor
    • Quiet Performance
    • Pull Chain

    The Ainsworth is an Energy Star rated ceiling fan that offers a whopping 6125 Cubic Feet Per Minute air flow capacity. This unit is one of the most powerful and energy efficient fans on the market. It comes in four different styles that include a brushed cocoa, Basque black, cottage white and province crackle design. Every style features a five quality built blades that provide 54-inch blade span. The blades, along with the ideal pitch angle, generate the perfect air flow for any room.

    The quality motor provides silent and wobble free experience, and the pull-chain functionality ensures that you can easily operate the four speed levels and turn on or off the fan. For added convenience, you can invest in a remote to operate the fan from wherever you are in the room. The Ainsworth also features the brilliant Dust Armor nanotechnology that reduces dust build-up up to 58%.

    This fan can be used throughout all the seasons, as it includes a reversible motor that enables you to reverse the spin direction from downdraft mode to updraft mode, depending on the season. The Ainsworth includes three position mounting system that offers a solution for a standard, low or angled mounting. At last, Casablanca offers a lifetime motor warranty and one year warranty on all other pieces.

    #4 Pull Chain Control

    Casablanca ceiling fan ainswort 60 inch

    Casablanca 55002 Ainsworth

    • 60 Inch
    • Powerful and Quiet
    • Reversible Motor
    • 3 Position Mounting System

    Next up is another Ainsworth pick that has been proofed to be one of the most efficient and biggest of the Ainsworth units. It includes five Smoked Walnut/Espresso blades. Just like the other Ainsworth models, this unit features unmatched power, wobble free performance, and durability that ensure efficiency for many years to come.

    Moreover, the motor can be switched to reversed mode that enables you to experience chill-wind effect on summers or set the fan to push down warm air from the ceiling on cold winter days.

    Although that this unit is capable of generating a massive 7093 CFM air flow rate, it does not spend much energy on the highest setting, as it features the Energy Star certification. There are three mounting options available that include standard, low or angled (up to 45 degrees) mounting.

    This unit comes with a pull-chain operation where you can set the 4 speed levels and turn the fan on or off. If you prefer added convenience, you can purchase a remote to operate the fan from the palm of your hand. As always, Casablanca offers a lifetime warranty on the motor and one year warranty on all other pieces.

    #5 Pull Chain With Light

    Casablanca ceiling fan concentra with light

    Casablanca 54022 Concentra Gallery

    • 54 Inch
    • LED Light
    • Reversible Fan Motor
    • Pull Chain Control

    Next up is another Concentra ceiling fan and this unit features a beautiful light kit. There are 4 different styles in Concentra line that come with light fixture. These designs include Acadia, antique brass, brushed nickel and snow white texture. The one we have here is the snow white version that includes 5 heavy-duty blades that are attached to a commercial grade motor that spins the blades to generate air flow rate of 6129 CFM. You can also reverse the spin direction and have the motor generate updraft or downdraft to enjoy year round comfort.

    The fan is operated through pull chains where you can set the speed and turn on or off the light. It comes with a beautiful white glass that covers two 14W standard light bulbs that are included in the package.

    Overall, you can’t go wrong with Casablanca. All of their ceiling fans include a 120-day in-home service warranty. That means that if you are not happy with the product, Casablanca will send one of their highly trained professional to service it. Moreover, there is a lifetime motor warranty and 1 year warranty on all other parts.

    #6 Indoor/Outdoor With Remote

    Casablanca ceiling fan piston

    Casablanca 59195 Piston Outdoor Ceiling Fan

    • 52 Inch
    • LED Light
    • Reversible Fan Motor
    • Remote Control

    The Piston comes in three different styles that include brushed slate, granite and matte black design. There is also an option to purchase medium or large sized unit, so that anyone can find a ceiling fan that fits their space and ceiling. All designs include three well-built blades that offer 52-inch blade span. The 59195 includes a brushed slate design, and the three blades are attached to a powerful, but silent motor that spins the blades at the ideal angle to generate 5549 Cubic Feet per Minute air flow at maximum speed. You can also set the motor to spin in reverse-mode if you want to enjoy updraft air circulation during winter.

    This unit includes an integrated light kit that comes with a white glass bowl that covers one 17W light bulb. The fan can be operated by a remote where you can set the 4-speed levels and turn on or off the light from the palm of your hand.

    Moreover, this unit is ETL Damp-rated which means that you can is it efficiently in covered patios, sunrooms or porches. Additionally, it is Energy Star certified, so that you can be assured that it does not waste much energy, even on highest speed. To make this a fair deal, Casablanca offers a lifetime warranty on the motor and 1-year warranty on all other pieces.

    Casablanca Ceiling Fan Comparison Chart

    Casablanca 54103 Durant54 inN/AWhite20 pounds
    Casablanca 54001 Ainsworth54 inN/ACocoa20 pounds
    Casablanca 55002 Ainsworth60 inMetalProvence Crackle24 pounds
    Casablanca 53187 Durant44 inN/ANickel19 pounds
    Casablanca 59510 Panama54 inMetalSnow White19 pounds
    Casablanca 54019 Concentra54 inMetalWhite21 pounds
    Casablanca 54022 54 inMetalWhite23.8 pounds
    Casablanca 5919552 inMetal, Glass, PlasticBrushed Slate24 pounds

    Why Consider Casablanca Ceiling Fan?

    As we did mention above, Casablanca is not in the business to attract consumers on a tight budget. Their ceiling fans are known to be pricey but as the old saying states, you get what you pay for, and with Casablanca, you will receive prime quality that will last you for years to come. In other words, Casablanca is the Rolls Royce of ceiling fans. Therefore, if you are looking for a budget-friendly ceiling fans, you should consider another brand.

    What to Think About

    People who are searching for a ceiling fan tend to fall into the same common pitfall and base their final buying decision on the looks and price. There are so many factors to take into account before you decide to invest in a ceiling fan. You need to check its performance, airflow rate, blade pitch, blade quality, motor quality, durability, and efficiency.

    As we have discussed several times here above, there are so many differences between ceiling fan brands and the truth is that the average consumer usually picks the cheapest and best-looking fan without even consider other factors. Understandably, we are constantly on the lookout for a value deal, but it is important not to sacrifice quality for the price. Casablanca offers a wide range of different styles to suit different needs, but quality comes with a price.

    Lower Your Utility Bill With Casablanca

    If you invest in a ceiling fan from the Casablanca team, you will be able to cut down on your energy bill significantly. The truth is that if you use an AC system or a wall unit to cool down the room, the energy cost can range from 20 to 50 cents per hour. However, a ceiling fan can bring this cost down to 1/4 of a cent up to 3 cents/hour. Therefore, ceiling fan uses far less energy in operation, and you can combine AC system with a ceiling fan and safe up to 40% in energy each ear.

    It is important to have in mind that a ceiling fan is not going to change the temperature in the room because ceiling fans are designed to generate wind-chill effect and to create a feeling that the room is cool. If you combine the use of AC system and a ceiling fan, you will be able to take advantage of this wind-chill effect and therefore use the AC a lot less than usual, and this is all done without sacrificing comfort.

    There are two options that you have if you want to save energy and lower your utility bill, turn off the AC manually or raise the temperature of the thermostat in your house. That way, you will be well on your way to significantly cut down on your energy bill. Have in mind that if you do neither of these two things, you will be wasting energy and you won’t see any results and most likely you will just end up spending more energy than before. Therefore, it is extremely important to raise the thermostat or turn off the AC in order to maximize the results.

    The Importance of Air Flow

    It goes without saying that the best ceilings fans are those built with premium quality materials and deliver the highest CFM airflow rate, using the lowest watts on maximum speed.  The CFM is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing a ceiling fan from Casablanca. The reason for that is that CFM determines how efficient the motor can generate the wind-chill effect. In other words, the more wind-chill effect, the less AC you need.

    All ceiling fans from Casablanca are manufactured to generate airflow from 5000-7000 CFM, which is more than enough to keep any room cool. If you find yourself in the situation that you have narrowed down your list to 3-4 ceiling fans and they all feature the same CFM air flow, then you should go for the one that uses less watts.

    However, another important factor to take into account is that even if you end up with a less efficient fan, the energy cost will only be around 2-3 cents/hour. Therefore, cubic feet per meter (CFM) is a more important element to look into than efficiency because, after all, the objective here is to optimize the wind-chill effect and cut down on the AC consumption.

    Top Quality Motor

    This is one of the most important elements of the ceiling fan, and the whole ceiling fan efficiency is based on the quality of the motor. Just like if you are shopping for a car, they range in size and motor and the more power, the more pricier the car gets. The same applies for ceiling fans, the motor is the heart and brain of a fan because, without the motor, the ceiling fan will not operate.

    Although a ceiling fan comes with a motor does not mean it is efficient because low-quality motors are not as efficient and move less air than high-end motors. Top rated models are built with quality components that are developed to offer optimum and quiet air circulation.

    However, these quality, high-end units are more expensive depending on what bells and whistles you are looking for. Therefore, it is extremely important that you find a balance between quality and performance in order to end up with a unit that fits your budget and needs.

    The fact is that it is hard to reach and inspect the motor inside a ceiling fan. For this reason, it will be hard for you to inspect the components of the motor because you will have to dig through the decorative housing before you can see the motor elements. However, once you know what to look for, you'll be able to make an informed decision before you invest in a ceiling fan.

    Apart from the motor, another important element to take into account is the durability, power and the size of the motor. It goes without saying that a larger, more powerful motor will come with a more expensive price-tag than a smaller one.

    Moreover, they will move significantly more air, without noise and they are much more durable. In order to generate efficient air flow, there are few factors that determine the performance and durability of a ceiling fan. All Casablanca's ceiling fans are made with a consistent motor that is built to circulate air without wobbling.

    However, the motor is not the only factor that makes up an efficient ceiling fan because there are other elements that work together with the motor to create silent and efficient air movement around the room. These factors include the quality of the motor, blade pitch, blade size and shape, RPM and the distance from the ceiling to the fan.

    Key Elements in a Ceiling Fan


    As we discussed above, the motor is one of the key components of the ceiling fan. The rule of thumb is that the more powerful the motor is, the more air it moves. However, low-quality blades attached to a motor with high RPM will not get the job done properly. You'll only find high-powered motors with excellent air movement in Casablanca's products. They are known to deliver only top of the line units, and as a consumer, it might become a daunting task to figure out the type and the quality of a motor that operates a fan.

    However, that is not the case with the ceiling fans from the trustworthy company because they only provide high-quality motor. It is always a wise course of action to pay a little more for a quality motor because an efficient motor is going to make a huge difference in moving the air around the room. Moreover, a quality motor will deliver excellent performance and efficiency.

    Blade Pitch

    Another primary factor to consider is the blade pitch. A blade pitch is the angle at which the motor spins the blades through the air. If you are looking for the ideal blade pitch, anything over 14 should be sufficient. However, you will find a unit with lower blade pitch that will perform perfectly because of the shape of the blade and because of the blade's surface. For instance, fans where the shape of the blade is not fixed, tend to be far more aerodynamic and are known to be exceedingly effective, using less power but able to move the same amount of air as flat blade's units.


    RPM is a measure of the frequency of rotation and simply determines how fast the blades spin at a given speed. This means that increased RPM means more air, but only if the blades are pitched correctly. Casablanca also has ceiling fans that include low RPM at low speed and high RPM at high speed, which means that you have more flexibility in adjusting the comfort level where the ceiling fan is mounted.

    Final Thoughts

    The simple truth is that it is very hard to determine what is the best ceiling fan on the market today. However, Casablanca is known for manufacturing ceiling fans that provide quality performance that lasts for many years to come. Moreover, the Casablanca team has grabbed the affection of buyers from all over the world. All the Casablanca's products are known for high-quality and consumers are extremely happy with their ceiling fans.

    The company has been in the business for quite a while, and they know what it takes to lead the market. All their fans feature stylish and durable blades that are attached to a quality built and efficient motor. The blades are manufactured to generate sufficient airflow for any room, regardless of size. They are not in the business to attract consumers that are on a tight budget, and their products are more expensive than other ceiling fans on the market.

    However, they deliver only quality and dependable fans, and you can be sure that you are investing for the future. They offer a great variety of fans that fit many different needs and demands. Here above, you can browse through our countdown of the best Casablanca ceiling fans, and hopefully you will end up with a unit that meets all your demanding requirements.

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