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Best Ceiling Fan Buying Guide and Reviews

It’s hard to describe the feeling when you are able to cool down and relax under a superb and functional ceiling fan. However, if you are searching for the best ceiling fan, make sure you end up with a top-rated quality product. I hope this website will be your last stop before you decide to invest in a ceiling fan for your home.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a ceiling fan for the first time, or you are thinking about replacing an old fan, everything you need to know about ceiling fans will be listed on here. You’ll be able to select your ceiling fan from a diverse range of products to ensure that all your requirements and needs are satisfied.

My advice is to browse through my list of best ceiling fan reviews and select one that fits your need and style. That way, it will be easier for you to find something that fits your home perfectly. You might be looking for a ceiling fan with lights or something to have outside in your patio. Having said that, go ahead and read through my ceiling fan top list products and choose the one that fits your style and needs.

  • HK52W L
  • Brand: Haiku Home
  • Fan Size: 52"
  • Material: Plastic
  • Shape: Circular
  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • F844-DK
  • Brand: Minka-Aire
  • Fan Size: 52"
  • Material: Metal, Glass
  • Shape: Circular
  • Weight: 14.1 pounds
  • 26-9536-FD-196
  • Brand: Savoy House
  • Fan Size: 26"
  • Material: Metal, Glass
  • Shape: Circular
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • HE-05141-2S
  • Brand: Casa Vieja
  • Fan Size: 56"
  • Material: Bronze
  • Shape: N/A
  • Weight: N/A

Haiku Home L Series Smart Ceiling Fan

Our first item on the list is the excellent L Series from Haiku Home. This ceiling fan is a beautiful design, with a stylish look and extremely silent operation. You will be able to pick between a black unit and white unit. This fan will provide you with everything that a ceiling fan should, but with this one, there are more bells and whistles included.

It comes with a primary wall control that enables you to turn the lights and the fan on/off. However, if you want more luxury, you can invest more and get the so-called SenseMe wall control (additional cost). The SenseMe technology is a handy add-on that basically turns the fan, and lights, on/off when you need it. This means that it will automatically turn on/off when you enter/leave the room.  Moreover, it responds to humidity and temperature change and will automatically adjust to your comfort level, plus it saves energy.

Then again, if you settle for the included basic wall control, you will be able to control the speed of the fan (from 1-7) and the brightness (from 1-16). Furthermore, you will be able to operate an Automated Schedule Mode that lets you control the fan speed and lights to be turned on at a particular time.

Overall, this is one of the most popular ceiling fans on the market today. The LED is extremely bright in max, but dimmable and the included remote control does exactly what it says on the tin, so you won’t have to deal with any pull-chains to adjust the fan or lights. This fan will be a great addition to your home if you are looking for a modern, stylish and energy efficient ceiling fan at a very reasonable price.

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Minka-Aire F844-DK

Our next item is the F844-DK Distressed from Minka Aire team. Here we have a high-quality ceiling fan that will cool down a large room in any home. It has a beautiful wooden design and includes an efficient motor that comes with a lifetime warranty. The motor is very powerful and aims to move 6580 cubic feet of air per minute.

In order to maximize its air efficiency, you will receive an integrated, LED light fixture that you can dim. You will be able to reverse the motion of the blades but, bear in mind, that you will not be able to change the fan to reverse mode. Moreover, you’ll need to invest in a down-rod before you mount the fan to your ceiling because it is not included in the package.

All in all, this unit is a quality built ceiling fan, composed of hard-pressed Koa wood that results in a beautiful design and feel that will fit perfectly, as a gorgeous decoration, in any room. It is built with three massive blades that will get a lot of air moving, and you will also receive a user-friendly remote that enables you to properly manage the speed and brightness to adjust according to your comfort level.

These strong and efficient blades are built to move around 6580 cubic feet of air per minute. With all that capacity of moving the air around, you might think that the motor will sky-rock your energy bill, but rest assured, this unit is Energy Star certified. If you are looking for an energy efficient but powerful ceiling fan, that would be a beautiful addition to any home, then have a look at the F844-DK and see if it fits your lifestyle.

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Savoy House 26-9536-FD-196

This brilliant small fan from Savoy House really moves the air. It operates on 37 watts at maximum speed and provides 64 cubic feet per minute, per watt, airflow efficiency at high speed. Moreover, you will enjoy 2374 cubic feet airflow per minute at maximum speed.

As you can see from the pictures, this fan is very aesthetically attractive. Current owners love the design and agree that this fan features unique lighting fixture and eye-catching style. Here we have a great ceiling fan that moves the air efficiently and will add a charming retro feel to any room.

An important thing to note is the light because the power of the light is not as you would expect. You should not expect to be able to light up a big room with the given light bulbs. However, it will provide a pleasant, and “cozy mood” lighting and users are thrilled with the dimming functionality of this fan.

In General, this ceiling fan is very modern looking, silent, but yet powerful, and features a quality craftsmanship. The installation should not take too long but bear in mind that this is a heavy unit and takes at least two people to get the job done.

You will receive a fan with three chestnut blades and a motor that operates on 120 volts. It requires one bulb (included) and a remote control that enables you to operate on 3 different speed levels, and up-and-downlight dimming as well. It also includes 4.5″ pole for mounting, and on top of that, your purchase is backed up by industry leading 1-year warranty.

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56″ Casa Esperanza Ceiling Fan

Here we have the 56″ Casa Esperanza from Casa Vieja that brings together a modern-day art and stylish design accompanied by an efficient motor. It provides an extraordinary level of airflow circulation with top-rated energy efficiency. With the Casa Esperanza ceiling fan, you will reduce your electricity bill significantly because of the quality design of the blade system, and the quiet motor will both work smoothly to keep the air circulating efficiently and maintain room temperature.

The package includes five bronze and gold quality constructed blades. The height of the fan is 15.75 (ceiling to the blade) and 22.05″ height from ceiling to bottom of light kit and the downrod 4 1/2″. The size of the canopy is 2.4in high and 6.3in wide.

If you take into account the benefits, quality, functionality and the price-tag of this ceiling fan, it is easy to conclude that this item is a fantastic solution for your home. Current owners are thrilled with their purchase, and the Casa Vieja production team has done a great job in providing top rated ceiling fan that fits perfectly in most rooms. Also, in the unlikely event that you don’t want or don’t like what you received, you can always return it using the hassle free 1-year warranty.

Moreover, what current owners love about the Esperanza ceiling fan is the fact that the motor is backed up with a lifetime warranty and that is a warranty that only top-rated sellers include today. It has everything you need in a ceiling fan, 14-degree pitch with the blade spanning 56”. It comes with a wall control and includes four light kit that will take two 50W mini halogen light bulbs. Have a look at the Esperanza ceiling fan if you are looking for a stylish and budget friendly ceiling fan that is designed to fit your style and needs.

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  • 53237
  • Brand: Hunter Fan Company
  • Fan Size: 52-inch
  • Material: Metal, Glass
  • Shape: Candle
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • 53090
  • Brand: Hunter Fan Company
  • Fan Size: 52"
  • Material: Metal
  • Shape: Circular
  • Weight: 20.8 pounds
  • F518-WH
  • Brand: Minka Group Company
  • Fan Size: 44-inch
  • Material: White
  • Shape: Circular
  • Weight: 27.4 pounds
  • CF205VS
  • Brand: Emerson
  • Fan Size: 51 to 55 Inches
  • Material: Steel
  • Shape: N/A
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • VE58SS
  • Brand: Craftmade
  • Fan Size: 58-inch
  • Material: Steel
  • Shape: Circular
  • Weight: 16.7 pounds

Hunter 53237 Builder Plus 52-Inch Ceiling Fan

Next up is one of the more popular Hunter ceiling fans on the market today. Current owners are thrilled with their Hunter 53237 and this is one of the top-rated and budget-friendly ceiling fan that you can get your hands on. The Hunter Company is famous for their superior quality ceiling fans, and this unit is no exception. It features 52″ blades that provide an impressive cold airflow, and you can choose between three beautiful colors and light fixtures (with 3 bulbs included) to ensure that this fan will fit perfectly into any room into your house.

As with any modern ceiling fans that you might be searching for, I assume that you are looking for a silent unit. Think about it, who likes a noisy ceiling fan that will disturb you with your daily activities or when you have friends and family over. Of course, the Hunter Builder Plus incorporates the WhisperWind technology that provides a silent motor performance. You’ll be able to set three different speeds, ranging from low to high and you can also set the motor to run in reverse. All these settings can be controlled using a Hunter remote control (sold separately) or just use the pull-down chain.

The painless setup process is among the primary qualities in all Hunter ceiling fans. Therefore, this fan features a hassle-free 3 method mounting. However, it depends on the type of ceiling in your house, but generally, installing this fan allows anyone to mount the fan with standard or angled mounting techniques. Not only is it extremely easy to mount, but it is also Energy efficient like every Hunter ceiling fan. Low wattage, along with the silent motor, operating the 52″ blades, ensures maximum performance, even in large rooms.

Overall, this fan has so many qualities to list. It is extremely durable, easy to install, dust resistant, silent, lightweight and you can customize the speed to your convenience. On top of all these great features, the Hunter Fan Company stands by their products 100% and they offer a limited lifetime warranty to ensure that you will end up with a top-rated product.

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Hunter 53090 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan

Next up is the Hunter 53090 Deluxe edition and this one comes with an elegant concept, reasonably priced price, lifetime motor product warranty, straightforward mounting on top of silent motor performance. This fan will bring a stylish look into any room in your house, and the dimmable LED lights help to make this an attractive decor wherever you decide to mount this unit.

The Hunter Deluxe is packed with impressive features. One of many eye-catching visual appeals is the beautiful white light bowl. It also features the WhisperWind, three-speed motor that delivers silent operation, even at maximum speed. You won’t have to worry about empty your pockets to fork out a huge sum for a new motor if it fails, as the Hunter Fan Company will provide you with a lifetime warranty.

You should be able to mount this fan into a big room, up to 400 square feet. This fan is extremely powerful and provides 5110 cubic feet meter air-flow capacity and 64W (120volts).

Rest assured, the installation process is easy and to install you can make use of the 3-position mounting system that consists of a standard mount, flush mount and angled mount. You can also check out our ceiling fan install guide for more info on that. The package includes 52 inch and 5 sturdy, reversible blades. You can select from 3 different textures; White, Cherry Oak and Brushed Nickel.

If you are looking for a nice pull-chain fan, with a stylish modern look and easy to install, then I suggest you look further into the Hunter 53090 Deluxe. You can’t go wrong with a lifetime warranty on the motor, plus an extra 1-year warranty on the whole product itself. Here we have a budget-friendly, reversible and powerful, but silent motor that does exactly what it is supposed to do, to provide powerful air movement!

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Minka-Aire F518-PN

Up next is a product from the Minka stable and the reality is that they might not be the most famous ceiling fan manufacturers, but with this unit, they are making their mark on the fan industry. Here we have the ideal ceiling fan for those who are looking for a unit to mount in a room with a low ceiling as this fan only sits 10.5″ down from the ceiling.

Current owners agree that the Minka is a beautifully furnished with an innovative appearance, designed to meet any space. As you can see from the pictures, the Minka features a simple but practical metal concept. It comes out of the box with three blades that are built to move and rotate the air efficiently.

Moreover, you can even add more style to the decor by using the center light. If you decide to use the halogen light, you will be pleasantly surprised how powerful the light is. You will be in charge of the illumination with the included control, and you can dim the room or lighten it up as you wish by using the control. Furthermore, by using the control, you can set the speed (3-speed settings), turn the fan on or off, dim or brighten the light and utilize the reversible feature.

Owners that bought the Minka Aire are thrilled with their purchase and it is hard to find anything negative about this fan. This is one of the most popular units on the ceiling fan market. It has everything that you need in a fan and it looks magnificent, comes with 3 durable blades, reversible motor, and a controller.

The reversible operation is brilliant, and you can use it all year long, depending on your needs. During winter, you can use it to move warm air from the ceiling and circulate it. During summer you can use it to draw in cold air to circulate the room. It’s also energy efficient as you can use it along with your Air-Conditioner to help circulating air around the room.

Current owners did mention that it is hard to install and mount this fan. Therefore, if you are not experienced DIY person, it is recommended that you hire someone to mount the unit on your ceiling.

At last, if you are on the look-out for a beautiful, aesthetic design that will cut down your electricity bill with its Energy Star rating, then check out this affordable and stylish ceiling fan and see for yourself if this is something that fits your style and needs!

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Emerson Ceiling Fans CF205VS

Here we have a contemporary designed fan from the famous Emerson Company. This 54 inch, vintage Steel-texture, and reversible oak blades with a built-in light in the center holds 2x 50W halogen bulbs.  This fan is sure to inspire any vintage industrial space/room. The package includes 3 blades with 54″ blade span, 2x downrods (6inch & 12inch), light with two halogen light bulbs and 4-speed control with receiver.

There are some limitations on where to install the Emerson, and this model is listed for indoor use only. It is not designed to be exposed to extreme weather elements. Then, it goes without saying that it should not be installed in laundry rooms or bathrooms because this unit is sensitive to moisture.

However, it has a neat industrial vintage look that is so popular nowadays. Emerson Company is famous for their quality constructed products, and this unit is no exception. It is one of the most popular units on the market today and, like with everything, you get what you pay for. This model is not the cheapest brand, but one of the highest rated fan in the business.

It includes great assembly instructions to make the installation process very easy. Once you open the package, you assemble the entire fan on a table and then hang it. Thanks to its streamlined blades and quality built motor, there will be no wobble at all, even at the highest speed. The fan will remain completely stationary and quiet at max speed, rotating a lot of breezing air. Have a further look at the Emerson if you are searching for a vintage, industry looking and effective ceiling fan.

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Craftmade VE58SS3

Our last item on the list is the fantastic VE58SS3 from Craftmade Fans. Of all the best ceiling fan reviews, this is probably the most efficient unit on the list. It includes 3-blades and measures 12.25 inches if you measure it from ceiling top to down the 12-inch downroad and to the bottom of the fan. If you need a longer downrod, you can purchase it separately. However, the 12″ downrod is included. The dimension from ceiling to the blades is 18.5 inches, and the diameter of the canopy is 4.75 inches.

The package includes a remote control with 4 speed levels, and the fan is controlled by a silent motor that rotates the air continuously to maximize the airflow in the room. Bear in mind that this is not a unit with a reversible AC motor. The installation is a relatively easy process, and it can be mounted on either flat or angled ceiling (up to 21 degrees) and to maximize its lifespan, it is recommended for indoor use only.

The motor is extremely powerful but silent in operation. It provides airflow well above the average or a massive 7.731CFM. You might think that a motor with that power would be noisy but the fact is that you will only hear the wind circulating. This model is available in 3 different textures, and if you are looking for a quality built, efficient and highly rated ceiling fan that won’t break your bank, the Craftmade could be your answer.

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Hunter 53126 Bridgeport 52-inch

Our fifth item is the Hunter Bridgeport Ceiling (HU-53126). This is a cost effective fan with a bronze texture to it and quality built oak blades. This fan is the perfect solution for either indoor or outdoor use. It doesn’t matter if its humid or dry location, the fan will operate flawlessly in any situation. This is one of the very few ceiling fans that are approved for outdoor use, and that does say a lot about the quality of this fan.

You’ll receive a unit that features a 12-degree blade pitch and provides an official airflow rating of 4, where 5 is the best rating. To control the speed, the fan is operated by a 3-speed pull chain. Although this fan does not receive top-rated 5 air-flow rating, it will, though, cool down any room or a porch/patio. Moreover, it is one of the best ceiling fan for outdoor porch fan that won’t break your bank. The weatherproof blades are guaranteed to withstand any weather conditions, but to maximize the lifetime of the fan, you should cover it during the dark winter season.

Not only is this one of the few models you can use outside, but it is also one of the few models that that offer reversible motor that will allow you to change the direction of the blades. That way, you will be able to select downdraft mode or updraft mode depending on your preferences and comfort level. You’ll be able to choose from 3-speed settings, and the blades operate on an ENERGY STAR regulated and quiet motor. This silent motor provides quiet operation and delivers the refreshing air-power that you desire, and all without the noise!

Best Ceiling Fan Comparison Chart

HK52W LHaiku Home52" Plastic Circular
F844-DKMinka-Aire52"Metal, GlassCircular
26-9536-FD-196 Savoy House26"Recalimed WoodCircular
HE-05141-2S Casa Vieja56"BronzeCircular
53237Hunter Fan Company52"Metal, Glass Candle
53090Hunter Fan Company52"Brazilian Cherry/Stained Oak Blades Circular
F518-WH Minka Group Company44"WhiteCircular
CF205VS Emerson51 to 55 Inches SteelCircular

How to Choose a Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling Fan Buying GuideIt is wonderful actually to relax and cool off underneath a quality, neatly designed and beautifully engineered ceiling fan. However, there are so many fans to choose from, with so many bells and whistles that it can be difficult to select a perfect model that fits your style and needs. You can choose anything from a modern style to a traditional style, as well as from a reliable style to fabulous.

As I mentioned above, there are so many things to take into account when selecting a ceiling fan. But, first of all, you need to figure out what kind of fan you want and need. Maybe your neighbor is thrilled with his sophisticated modern fan that he just bought, but what might fit one home, might not fit your space. Are you looking for a fan with built-in lights? If you have a high ceiling, you might need a unit that comes with a downrod. If you have a huge room, you need a large fan to get the most out of the fan and if you have low ceiling, you need a flush mount unit.

Some manufacturers make fans that are weatherproof and can be safely operated outdoors in your garden or patio. There are also fans that come with a remote that you can set the speed level and brightness of the light, or you might want to opt-in for a pull-down chain to control these features. The point here to make is that you need to think about a lot of things before you fork out your hard earned cash.

I hope this web page will be your last stop before you decide to invest in a ceiling fan and I will do my very best to help you make the smartest choice you possibly can regarding finding your ideal fan for your home or work. I have compiled few points that will help you to make an informed decision and hopefully you will end up with the perfect ceiling fan for your home.

Feel free to browse through ceiling fan top list pointers below, and I hope you will get all the answers you need. Look-out for the right size, installation options, number of blades, fans that are designed for outdoor spaces, air flow efficiency and so on.

Key Benefits of Using a Ceiling Fan

Key Benefits of Using a Ceiling FanHere are a couple of crucial factors you should look into before you invest in a ceiling fan. The primary objective of a ceiling fan is to rotate the air and generate steady air flow. In other words, they are designed to move air around efficiently, and for that reason, it is supposed to keep the room refreshing and to prevent the air from getting into a stagnant form.

Another factor to take into account is efficiency. The majority of ceiling fans that are available on the market are extremely energy efficient and reasonably priced. It is very expensive to have the air conditioner on during hot summer days. However, if you use them together, a ceiling fan and an air conditioner, you will be able to cut down expenses on your utility bills.

Ceiling fans use far less energy, and if you use a ceiling fan to circulate the air around the room, you won’t have to use the air conditioner as much if there is also a ceiling fan in the room. Keeping that in mind, ceiling fans are, not only safe for the environment but also a cost effective solution. Installing a ceiling fan can also ensure that whenever you decide to turn on your air conditioner, you’ll be able to operate it less often and for short periods but still rotate cool air around the room.

One of the major benefits of owning a ceiling fan is that you will have more cooling (summer) and heating (winter) solutions, during seasonal changes. For example, during the early summer period, it is most likely not warm enough to turn on the AC, but a ceiling fan could still serve you well in circulating fresh air around the room.

A ceiling fan will not leave your room ice-cold, but they do serve their purpose of rotating fresh air and maintain freshness inside the space. The same goes for winter because many of today’s ceiling fans offer a reverse function that will push hot air down and provide you with fresh warm air circulation. By doing this, you won’t have to run your heating system on full power, which helps to reduce your energy bill.

More benefits include decor solutions where you can choose from millions of options to decorate your home with a ceiling fan. There is no doubt that you will find something that fits your decor style and needs with all the options available. These include everything from streamlined and modern to embellish and old-fashioned units. Your options are endless, but it is important that you find something that meets your demands.

Apart from providing refreshing air around the room and serve as a beautiful decor, ceiling fans can also help you with illuminating your desired room/space. You can invest in a fan that comes with a built-in light kit. That way, the fan can bring more light solutions and add more style to any room in your house. There are several options you can choose from when comes to light kits and fans.

The majority of the ceiling fans out there include built-in lights, and on the other hand, there are others that you can attach light kit later on. This will all depend on the design and style of the model. In many cases, the light bulbs are below the blades of the fan, and in some cases, the light can be above the blades. If you opt-in for a fan with built-in light, you will be able to operate the light separately. That is to say, you don’t have to turn on the fan to turn on the light and you will be able to use both functions together if you want.

Overall, operating a fan is very easy and most of the models for sale today include a user-friendly remote or chains that you pull down to control the fan and lights. Also, you will be able to customize the fan to your lighting needs. There are options to adapt the pull chains to set the brightness of the light and dim the light according to your preferences.

Ceiling Fan Size

Ceiling Fan SizeAs you know, ceiling fans are available in a wide array of blade spans. This can range from small blades of 18″ all the way up to 70″ and bigger. It is extremely important to choose the right size for your room in order to get the most out of the fan and to make it look good in the room. Ceiling fans are measured by their blade-sweep. In other words, once you see the blade form a circle once they are moving, the size is measured by drawing an imaginary line from the tip of one blade to the other blades’ tip across.

Additionally, it is extremely important to focus on the ceiling height because on the height from the floor to your ceiling, you will be able to pick from a countless collection of fans. If you have a very high ceiling, it’s important that you opt-in for a fan that has a downrod. The downrod is an essential element to suspend the fan further from the ceiling itself unless you want to be jumping around trying to reach the pull-down chains to operate the fan. On the other hand, if you have a room with a very limited space and low ceiling, you might want to invest in a low profile fan that will not hang too low down from the ceiling.

There is another important detail that you need to have in mind regarding the size, and that is what kind of room/space you intend to install the fan in. It is not a good idea to mount a living room ceiling fan with large blade diameter into your kitchen. Therefore, the rule of thumb is to choose a small blade diameter ceiling fan into a kitchen and bigger for living room space. You need to precisely measure the area to make the best investment and below are some guidelines to help you with your decision.

  • For spaces up to 80 sq ft, such as bathrooms, = 29″ to 36″
  • For spaces up to 176 sq ft, like bedrooms, dining rooms, = 42″ to 48″
  • For spaces up to 350 sq ft, large bedrooms, play rooms, = 52″ to 59″
  • For spaces over 350 sq ft, you should opt-in for a 60″ or larger

Types of Ceiling Fans

Types of Ceiling FansCeiling fans are not only awesome to rotate air around the room but also serve as fantastic decor solutions. There are so many options to choose from, with different styles, design, and countless different qualities. Below, you can find information about different types of ceiling fans that are available on the market today.

Almost all home models feature the Hanging Propeller style, and this is basically a unit that bears a resemblance to a propeller of an airplane that hangs down from the ceiling.

Another type of a ceiling fan is the so-called Directional type that you can adjust and turn at a specific angle. This type is a bit different than the hanging propeller as this model is ideal if you are looking for a fan that you can move and point to a specific place in the room. The hanging propeller, however, is perfect to ventilate the whole room.

The third style is a combination of propeller and the directional fan called Rotational. These types of fans include several pieces of blades that spin independently. This unit spins the blades on a vertical axis of rotation independently.

Mounting Options

Flush Mount Ceiling FansNow it is time to look into what sort of mounting serves you the best. You’ll find a number of options offered. Just about every option was developed to improve air flow and fit into its’ designated room/space, no matter if it’s large or small in size. To determine the best way to install your desired ceiling fan inside your house, it is important to take note of the mounting options that are available. Although there are some regulations about how you are supposed to install a fan, you are pretty much free to select the one that fits your space and style. Below you will find information about mounting options:

– Flush Mount Ceiling Fans

Here we have the best mounting option for low ceilings 9 feet or less. With this option, there’s no space from the motor of the ceiling fan and to the ceiling itself. That way, it serves as the perfect solution for rooms with lower ceilings. Moreover, there are so many low profile fans out there that smoothly fit into low ceilings and are chock-full of exemplary elegance.

– Downrods

Now, if you intend to invest in a ceiling fan for a room with high ceiling, you should consider adding a downrod. With a downrod, you’ll be able to efficiently expand the fan out from the foundation of the ceiling in your room. With a downrod you have an exceptional setup for larger rooms with tall ceilings. The majority of large ceiling fans that are available on the market today do include a downrod mounting, but you should thoroughly verify if the package includes downrod, because if not, you’ll have to buy one separately.

– Sloped Ceilings

Let’s move on to sloped ceilings, and if your ceiling is angled in any way, it would be a good idea to invest in a sloped ceiling adapter. With an adapter, your fan will hang straight and accurately. One thing to note here is that it’s not given that you’ll be able to use an adapter with all models. There are few items available that include a downrod that you can turn up to a certain degree. The best way is to verify carefully if the fan is compatible with adapters and angled ceilings.

Choosing a Fan for Angled Ceiling

Choosing a Fan for Angled CeilingTo avoid any installation problem, it is a good idea to read thoroughly the specifications provided by the manufacturer because they are not the same for every ceiling fan. You will need to invest in a sloped adapter kit if you purchase a standard mounting fan for your angled ceiling.

It is very easy to find out if you need one, or to find out where to buy one as manufacturers have all the information and links available on their website or in the user guide.  You might have to invest in extra downrod if you are planning on mounting the fan in a space where the ceiling is highly vaulted. If you need additional downrod, make sure that it will support and sustain the fan high-up in the ceiling.

Last but not least, take into account that you can’t modify or adapt some models on a sloped ceiling. Having said that, it is crucial that you make sure that the fan can be mounted on angled ceiling before you invest in one.

Installing A Ceiling Fan

Installing A Ceiling FanWe have now gone through the mounting options that are available and its time to move on to the installation process. The safest way to install a ceiling fan is to consult with a professional to ensure that the fan is correctly installed and will deliver maximum performance. Nevertheless, in case you’re looking to set up the fan by yourself, most, if not all, ceiling fans will include easy-to-read installation guide.

First thing you need to make sure of before you begin the installation process is always to make sure that the electricity is safely turned off.  Once you have switched off the power, start focusing on the procedures in the instruction manual on how to securely wire the fan. Next, put together the downrod (if needed. Remember that downrod is for high ceiling). Then, assemble the light kit (if required), and at last, install/attach the blades to the fan.  Regardless if you’re replacing an old fan or just setting up a ceiling fan for the first time, the approach is the same.


If you are looking for a way to lower your utility bills, you must look for the Energy Star Rating on the fan. Energy Star certified model will bring down your energy bill significantly, and the truth is that they are not more expensive than non-rated models.

Energy efficient gadgets are taking the electronic market by a storm nowadays, and ceiling fans are no exception. Fans are gradually increasing in popularity while our energy expenses continue to sky rock. However, if you live in a place where you can experience hot summers or warm weather all year long, it’s crucial that the ceiling fan is efficient.

The inefficient units will only cost you money over the long run. Therefore, it is important to look for the Energy Star evaluation, despite the fact that it could cost more. The simple truth is that it will save you a lot of money in energy usage. The only way you can ensure that the model you want to buy is energy efficient is to look for the Energy Star valuation. Only then you can rest assured that the fan will meet all the energy saving demands.

More about ENERGY STAR

More about ENERGY STARAs we disused here above, our utility bills are increasing, and the growing awareness about the environment is forcing the electronic industry to produce more green products that spend less energy. It goes without saying that an Energy Star rated ceiling fan will spend much less than a model without the Energy Star stamp. If you want maximum performance from your ceiling fan at lower cost, then you should seriously consider investing in an Energy Star model.

However, the truth is that many companies advertise their products as “green” without providing any ceiling fan ratings or certification. Look out for the Energy Star approval. It might have a “green” stamp on it, but is it really an Energy Star Rating?

The Energy Star rating is a world-recognized stamp that guarantees that the unit did pass through a strict evaluation procedure. If they pass these severe testing, their performance is certified to be highly efficient. Energy Star rating also helps potential buyers to pinpoint and buy energy efficient items that are tested to guarantee efficiency and security. Moreover, if you see the Energy Star stamp on your ceiling fan, the unit will come with a minimum 30-year warranty on the motor, 2-year lighting warranty and minimum 1-year warranty on parts.

The Energy Star logo will provide you with more security and comfort. If you spend an extra minute or two, to make sure that the Energy Star label is clearly marked in the product description, you know for sure that the product has passed through rigorous testing. The same goes with the lighting kit. Be on the lookout for a fan that also offers cost effective light equipment. Over the long-term, it will significantly cut down your utility bill, and the bulbs will last much longer and spend less energy.

Buying a Ceiling Fan with Lights

Buying a Ceiling Fan with LightsA great number of fans for sale today include some built-in light mechanism while others do not offer any light feature. Moreover, there are some units for sale that include some kind of light kit and bowl that covers the bulb. There should be plenty of light style functions to suit any needs and any room, and lighting styles vary from a simple light bulb to a sophisticated lighting kit that is designed to light up a large room.

With all these options available, it can be a daunting task to figure out what could fit your space and style. Initially, you should carefully consider if it is important to invest in a model that includes light, or in one that doesn’t. In case you are unsure, you could analyze the room that you intend to install the fan and determine if you already have sufficient light in that space.

You need to take into account the natural light also. Have a quick look at your room and try to figure out if the current light is enough. Try to visualize if you need more table lamps or maybe you have lights in place already in the ceiling and check if they provide enough light. All these elements are important factors to take into account when you are doing your research and making up your mind about if you need a light kit or not.

To be able to acquire more control of how much light will be in the room without the need to worry about switching on 3 different lamps, your best option is probably a fan that comes with light. Many of the models for sale today include energy efficient light kit that can light up a large room. Furthermore, today’s models include special features such as a dimmer many of them also come with a remote, so you are in complete charge of the light in the room.

If you want to cut down on your utility bill, look in the product description for the EnergyStar stamp for BOTH the fan and the lighting kit too. If you invest in an Energy Star lighting kit as well, you will spend less energy, and you pay less as these types of lighting kits are proven to spend 50 percent less than a ceiling fan without the Energy Star approval. Take the smart way and help yourself to cut down on your utility bills. The great thing about these energy efficient kits is that you will not have to waste your time by frequently changing light bulbs.

Ceiling Fan Blades

Ceiling Fan BladesCeiling fans come in all shapes and sizes. Some include 3 blades, others 4 blades and some consist of 5 blades.  But the main question remains, what is the difference between having a ceiling fan with 3, 4 or 5 blades? In short, the main difference is visual, and every person has its own taste for a good look. One design that you love might not look good in the eyes of your neighbor. It all boils down to personal taste. Evidently, a three blade ceiling fan will perform differently than a five blade fan. Therefore, the number of blades does also make a difference if you are focusing on performance.

It stands to reason that the number of blades holds in hand with the noise. That is to say, the more blades, the fan tends to be quieter. This results in the drag, because if you add more blades, the drag on the motor will decrease which means that less air circulates the room. With fewer blades, the motor can operate faster and circulate more air but with more noise. Nowadays, the standard ceiling fan comes out of the factory with either four or five blades because manufacturers claim that it is the perfect balance between efficiency and noise.

Pitch blade is also something that you need to take into account, and it’s important to know what blade-pitch means. The term blade pitch is the angle of the blades when they are parallel to the ground. Blade pitch is extremely important because it determines how much air the fan can circulate and the ideal blade pitch for a ceiling fan is 14 degrees or above.

Overall, you’re probably not going to see any significant differences in overall operational performance between ceiling fans with 3 or 5 blades. At the moment, breakthroughs in design and the fact that modern blades produce very low drag, make it possible for ceiling fans that do not fall into the STANDARD BLADE category are capable of serving extremely efficiently. The point here to make is that with today’s technology, it doesn’t really matter if you opt-in for a huge 8 blade ceiling fan or a small 2 blade ceiling fan, the fan will do exactly what it says on the tin (circulate air). It all depends on what you are looking for in a ceiling fan and what kinds of bells and whistles you fancy.

What is CFM?

What is CFMCFM refers to cubic feet per minute, or simply airflow. In other words, Cubic Feet Per Minute indicates how much air the fan is capable of moving. In order to measure the CFM, the fan needs to be at maximum speed to calculate the amount of air, and the movement rate simultaneously. The CFM is determined by a couple of different factors that include the motor, blade pitch and the length of the blades. If you are looking into CFM numbers, the rule of thumb states that the higher CFM, the fan is capable of rotating more air.

Having said that, the CFM serves a crucial factor in analyzing the airflow efficiency. 75 is the minimum CFM required to make a fan efficient enough to rotate air. However, you could end up with a model with high CFM but operates at an extremely high wattage. Obviously, a fan with high CFM and running on high Wattage will not be efficient. Therefore, the most logical aspect to look into when you are shopping for a ceiling fan is to make sure that your desired ceiling fan has high CFM but uses low wattage.

It is relatively easy to find out the CFM and to know if CFM and air efficiency hold in hands. All the reviews on this website clearly state the CFM and also if they are Energy Star certified. Therefore, feel free to browse through the products and check the airflow efficiency and power usage for the fan that you are interested in.

Do You Need a Remote?

ceiling fan with a remoteIf you are looking for an easy way to control your fan, your best solution is to buy a remote. Also, if you are planning to buy a remote for your old fan, or just looking for a ceiling fan with a remote, it will depend on two factors: Your needs and the height of your ceiling in the room. Therefore, if you are looking into installing a unit in a room with a high ceiling or a vaulted ceiling, then you essentially need a remote.

It is more convenient to have a remote control to control the operation of the fan from the palm of your hand instead of getting up and pulling the chains. Even though that you don’t have high ceilings, the most popular, for any room, is to get a unit with a remote.  With the remote, you’ll be able to set the speed, brightness, and direction.

You’ll find 4 main remote control types for sale, and each type has its ups and downs.

1st option:

You can opt-in for a portable hand remote control. This type of remote allows you to operate the fan from wherever you are in the room.

2nd option:

A wall control that you can easily install and operates as a switch. The downside is that you will have to get up to control the options.

3rd option:

The combination of portable control and wall control. This is wall holder that can store a portable remote.

4th option:

FanSync smartphone solution is basically an app that allows you to be in charge of all the features of the fan through your cell phone.

Keep in mind that if you want to add a remote to your current ceiling fan, it might complicate things a bit, and installation is most likely required. Upgrading your old ceiling fan is not a Plug-and-Play process. Usually, you will need to hire someone to install the remote receiver inside the fan. So you might end up having to remove parts from the ceiling fan, and therefore risk to void any warranty.

On the other hand, depending on your model, it could turn out to be an easy task to perform where you just wire the receiver into the canopy and just synchronize the two units, and you are all set.

Outdoor or Indoor Ceiling Fan?

Outdoor or Indoor Ceiling FanIf you live in place where you can expect hot summers or warm weather all year-round, a ceiling fan in your patio can do a miracle by rotating the warm air around the space. If you are looking for a ceiling fan to mount outside, you need to check if it was built to operate efficiently outside. You cannot just install any fan you like outside because the outdoor types are built to withstand humidity, strong wind and weather changes. Outdoor fans are getting more and more popular over the years, and they differ in shapes and styles as well.

You need to check the product description for the outdoor rating that certifies that the unit is tested to withstand outdoor weather elements. This rating is called UL rating, and if the model comes with a UL stamp, you can check how much humidity the fan is tested to withstand.

There are other ratings that you need to investigate as well. If you notice any Dry Rating certificate, it means that it was not built for outside use and will be destroyed quickly if they are operated outside.

For Damp Rated fans, it is safe to mount them outside as they are designed to resist moisture and humid air. However, they are not going to last long in a rainy or snowy area. This is ideal for patios where you can expect year-round warm weather.

If you find a Wet Rated ceiling fan, they are built to tolerate most extreme weather conditions. These are a strongly built unit that feature weather-resistant blades and motor, and they will operate smoothly in rainy and snowy conditions.

The bottom line is to understand what the ratings mean and install the ceiling fans in proper locations. Don’t settle for a Dry-Rating model to install outside if you can expect snowy conditions in your area.  If you go the extra mile and investigate the ratings, you will end up with a perfect option that fits your needs and style.

Using the Fan in Winter

Using the Fan in WinterAs strange as it sounds, some ceiling fans are built to withstand the most extreme winter weather elements. It does sound quite strange to be able to use a fan outside during winter, but winter and summer fans are designed to heat up or cool down area. But, you might be wondering how you can benefit from a ceiling fan during winter. The answer lies in the direction of the blades. In outdoor fans, you can change the angle of the blades and control whether they rotate clock or counter clockwise.

It all depends on the model, and if you are looking for a model that can spin counter clockwise, you need to be on the lookout for a Reverse Mode feature. Again, bear in mind that not all models can support Reverse Mode.

During winter and cold seasons, you can use the ceiling fan, in conjunction with your heating system, to operate more proficiently.

What you can do is to change/reverse the angle of the blades to rotate clockwise. By doing that, the fan will produce updraft and circulate warm air around the room. The area will then feel much warmer, and the heat will be spread more consistently around the room. If the heat is more evenly spread around the space, you can turn down the thermo.

Using the Fan in Summer

Using the Fan in SummerNow that we have gone over how you should operate your ceiling fan during winter, it’s time to turn the page and see what we can do during summer. To maximize the fan’s performance during summer, the angle of the blades should be set to counter-clockwise. Counter-clockwise will force the air down and produce a cold airflow around the room. If you use a ceiling fan alongside your thermostat system (during winter or summer), you will be able to lower your electricity bill by15-20 percent.

It’s not enough to understand how to use a ceiling fan in winter or summer. The most important thing is to know where to change the angle of the blades and reverse the motor. To set the angle, all that you have to do is search for a button on the motor or look for the function in the remote control. If you can’t find what you are looking for, refer to the user manual for further instructions on how to locate the angle pitch switch.

How to Spot a Quality Ceiling Fan?

How to Spot a Quality Ceiling FanAs you know, they come in all shapes and sizes. You can also get ceiling fans in all price ranges. The price can vary from as low as 30 dollars up to hundreds of dollars. The price range depends on the quality of the model. Just like with electronics, you get what you pay for, and the same goes for the ceiling fan market. If you try to save a buck or two here and there, you will most likely end up with a fan that doesn’t fit your space and needs. It is quite easy to spot a top-rated fan and sort them out from the less effective fans.

The majority of the premium fans have all the bells and whistles that you won’t find in the cheaper brands. A cheaply built model will not be able to move air as efficiently and quietly as a major brand. With the big shark companies, every part is built with quality in mind and constructed from only top notch materials. Moreover, it will include beautiful design with a neat fixture.

The heart and the brain of the fan is the motor, and it needs to be well built. A quality motor features a number of speeds and in most cases, you are covered with minimum 10 years of warranty. A quality product will include a lifetime warranty on the motor and therefore, it is important to check the motor warranty. It is highly unlikely you will receive a long warranty on a motor from a 40 dollar unit.

We did mention the CFM ratings earlier, and it is important to stress the importance of checking the CFM rating of the ceiling fan. The CFM  is determined by the efficiency of the ceiling fan, in other words, the amount of air it can circulate in cubic feet per minute.

These are ratings that the fan receives based on full speed performance. However, it is important to focus on other attributes as well and not only focus on CFM ratings because CFM is based on globally accepted criteria, and our ceiling fans are not going to be at full speed 24/7 365 days a year.

Having said that, even the most poorly built fans, will not receive high CFM rating. To circulate the air around the space, it takes length, pitch, and number of blades, plus a motor. A poorly constructed motor will be able to spin the blades pretty effectively if the blade features about 10-degree pitch. However, it will most definitely be a lot noisy unit while a quality built fan with a 15 degree long blades will be much more effective and silent.

The motor is something that you need to investigate thoroughly. The cheap brands will have little or no warranty on their motors, and they are usually made in Asia. These type of motors are not units that you can count on and they are extremely likely stop working shortly after installation or do not function as advertised. These cheap models are not developed with quality in mind, and they tend to wobble at any speed.

Make sure that you don’t need to lubricate the motor frequently and make sure that the motor warranty is at least ten years. If the company is not ready to stand by their product, they don’t deserve your hard earned cash. At last, look out for certified ratings, such as UL ratings, Energy Star, motor warranty, warranty of pieces and so on.


This is probably the most important point to consider before you make your final decision. Truth be told, once you commit to buy a ceiling fan, you are purchasing something that is supposed to follow you for many years to come. Have in mind that if the company is not ready to stand by their product 100%, then how are you supposed to trust that you can use their product for a long time?

You can easily spot a durable and reliable ceiling fan just by glancing through the product specifications and look for how long the warranty for the motor and pieces are. You should always look for a model that warranties its operation 100%. The motor should be covered for at least 15 years, but the majority of the quality units come with a lifetime motor warranty. Although the motor on your desired unit is “only” covered for 15 years, at least you know that you are covered for a quite some time. Therefore, don’t cross off your list fans that include 10-15 years of motor warranty.

Final Conclusion

After reading and analyzing the best ceiling fan reviews, there are many things that you need to think about before you fork out your hard earned money for a ceiling fan. You need to decide on the design, style, the blade span, size of the room, installation kit, remote, efficiency, ratings, warranty and many other factors that we have discussed here above. These are all crucial factors that will determine what ceiling fan fits your needs and space. It is also good idea to jot down on a paper some kind of ceiling fan comparison chart where you can list your options and write down what you are looking for in a fan and then you can narrow your search down to the best ceiling fan.

Overall, ceiling fans are an excellent remedy to distribute both cool and hot air in a room. However, they are not designed to work as an AC and get rid of humidity. They are developed to create natural and fresh airflow and maintain lasting temperature ranges that can aid us to regulate our heating system needs. Just by adding a simple ceiling fan into any room in your house, you will be able to maximize the performance and the lifespan of your heating systems and significantly reduce your energy bill.